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HOT SHOTS – MAR. 20TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

When I first moved to Nelson, I did it for “love” but it only lasted 22 days after which I found myself without my lil East Van apartment, without a job, and quite frankly, in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t know anyone.  I made a friend called Tory and she took me blueberry picking.  I piled into a beat up vehicle with three young beautiful Kootenay women who also happened to be single moms and picked blueberries in Thrums.  After 5 hours I had made $27.  Tory had made $90.  I could see why she did it, wasn’t sure why I should.

yellow tom




Well, it’s about time to catch you up across the whole spectrum.

Apples:  As we slowly wean ourselves from BC storage apples and list more Washington product, prices will jump 20-40%, but get used to that pricing because there is some harmonization when the first S. American fruit arrives, as Argentinians try to achieve the Washington market, and vice versa, so any increases you are seeing now are going to be the norm for 6 months.  Just have to get used to it.  It was not a glut year for BC or Washington growers, so there will be very few deals out there.




HOT SHOTS, JAN. 17TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

I’m sorry that there were no Hot Shots last week.  It was honestly too busy here for me to write them.  Usually I can make a cup of tea and get dreamy and write them, but darnit if I could do that last weekend.  It was not possible.