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Dear Ones,
Last night I went to Casa Escobar for dinner.  Blanca was trying out one of her mother’s recipes, something whose name I don’t remember but was having to do with pork cooked in tomatoey goodness and then served with rice and tortillas and this delicious salsa that Blanca made by frying whole jalapenos in oil and then blending with a little bit of water, lime juice and salt.  Blanca is from Oaxaca.  She and Heather met they fell in love.  Last night I saw in their photo album, a photo both of their wedding, and also their first wedding, their symbolic wedding.

Hot Shots 004

HOT SHOTS – APR. 10TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

This week I’m trying a new thing which is contracting out my photos.  Jon is going to be doing the photos part of things, and I think this is a really great move on my part, because he did a really good job, especially the photos of artichokes!  So these photos are brought to you by our Jon.  Some neat things about Jon: he is a world class gamer and while I like to make fun of him for this, I am learning that he’s pretty legit in this world that I don’t really understand because I am old and boring and only like books.  Jon also loves books, and his little cat named Garbey, and only one person on this whole planet: his grandmother.  Jon’s favourite colour is black and he jokes that he doesn’t like the sun, but he does, I just know it.  He is deeply kind and very funny and we just love our Jon Jon Jon.





We are getting some of the nicest artichokes!

Apple market seems to be stable, although high, with all fruit Washington XF or Juice.  Avocado continues to be a strong market with mid-season fruit very high in oil, giving richer flesh and more flavour.




HOT SHOTS – JAN. 31st, 2016

Dear Ones,

There is a reason that arts students are not physicists.  I handed in a lab this week in which I cleverly calculated that one of Jupiter’s moons has an orbit of six thousand years.  I presented my findings to the TA who brought his hands to his face.  “SIX THOUSAND YEARS?!?!!” he almost shouted.  “It only takes sixteen days!”  I did some quick math in my head to sort out how long it would take me to figure out the right answer and along the way though my inner equations I discovered: I don’t care how long it takes for one of Jupiter’s moons to get aorund Jupiter, and even though I don’t care, I know now.  Sixteen days.  I handed in my “work” knowing I failed the lab, and I trotted out of the Physics department towards a nice cup of tea.  I commenced chuckling every time I thought of the TA’s exasperation with me and every time I recalled him saying with alarm, “SIX THOUSAND YEARS?!?!?!!?!?” I just couldn’t help it, downright effervescent giggles overflowed from my little heart.  So even though I’ll probably fail every lab if I keep up the “good work” I love my astronomy class.



HOT SHOTS, JAN. 17TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

I’m sorry that there were no Hot Shots last week.  It was honestly too busy here for me to write them.  Usually I can make a cup of tea and get dreamy and write them, but darnit if I could do that last weekend.  It was not possible.




MARKET REPORT – JAN. 13TH, 2016 – WATCH YOUR RETAILS! And other good news

WATCH YOUR RETAILS! And other good news.

You have been consistently warned by me that the organic supply chain was in climate chaos, road chaos, El Nino chaos and just general other kinds of chaos, and the birds have come home to roost this week with substantial price changes.  WATCH YOUR RETAILS!  Some prices are adjusting Thursday by 20% or more on a selection of greens, including celery, and all sub-tropicals – tomatoes, eggplant, cukes, zucchini, cherry toms etc.  Coastal California growers can’t get machinery into fields to harvest in the mud. Unseasonal temperatures across the south have slowed growth, right down into Mexico.  Road closures from landslides and heavy rain have affected Baja north into San Diego County.  There is a virtual bidding war for some product – especially celery and cauliflower.  Sorry to start off with bad news….and here’s more.