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Columbia Gorge

Behind the Columbia Gorge packing house, a thousand feet above the Columbia River, in the beautiful Hood River valley, you will find dirt – long, beautiful, and rich steaming windrows of composting dirt hundreds of feet long. Ronny and Jimmy Stewart, and their tireless mom, Sheryl, know that rich and healthy soil is a big part of their success, and the compost goes back to their 150 acre Stewart Farm every spring to fertilize the trees. That compost starts as what are literally the “plate scrapings” from their operation, plus ground-up broken shipping pallets and sawdust. They have been actively composting for 18 years, producing up to 2,000 tons of biologically active organic compost every year.

Columbia Gorge Organic Farm has been the recipient of a number of awards, including two times “Farmer of the Year” from Oregon Tilth and “Handler of the Year” and “Farmer of the Year,” from the Oregon Organic Council.


Apples & Pears


Oregon, USA



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