Beryle and Johnny of Beryle's Organic Paradise in Oliver BC
Debbie Evans and some of the boys from Sundance Farms in Cawston take a break from the organic pear harvest.
Mike from Discovery Harvesting wheat at Ejido Benito Juarez Leyes de Reforma in Mexico
Rafael from Baja Organic Agriculture at Ejido Benito Juarez Leyes de Reforma in Mexico


Randy Hooper - April 17, 2014
Category: Produce Update

Washington growers are squeaking every penny out of their dwindling apple supply to never seen before pricing. Nothing we can do about it – now S. Hemisphere apples are on the market in small volumes and pricing is actually a bit lower on some varieties. Avocados continue to rock and now’s the time to start thinking about the Cinco de Mayo burst – although sales go up by 30% in the first week of May in the US, not so much here but there is still a bump that week. Also time to think about the combination of Fair Trade Fortnight, World Fair Trade Day and Mother’s Day, which all fall in the first couple weeks of May. We’ll have an AD program and promotional material out to you next week. Lemons are stable and limes continue to be very expensive with no short term relief in sight. Our first cantaloupes are due in Friday. California Kiwi are just about done – we’re just waiting for the last order to float in from Chiechi, and the first NZ arrive over the weekend with a price drop expected. Weather has finally cooperated in Michoacan and the first mango harvests have begun. We now expect our first truck to arrive late next week and we’ll continue to sub in the last of the Oaxaca crop until they arrive – then the floodgates will open. Tropicals are doing well, with strong sales on our Fairtrade exotic program. Pineapple in grand supply with no gaps looking forward. Weather is now cooperating and the strawberry market is opening up quickly. We’ll have John Givens Something Good fruit in over the next couple of days, as well as a return to stronger supply from JW. Green veg supply is very good for this time of year and prices have stabilized a bit after a jump last week. New plantings of zucchini and cukes in the Sonora desert areas around Hermosillo have come on strong, with field cukes now a buyers market and expectations for zucchini to follow soon, especially with California growers entering the market.

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