Fair Trade certified blueberries being harvested for Interrupcion
Agrovida Coop mango growers in Piura, Peru.
Domingo Guzman in his avocado orchard. He is part of the La Grama Coop in Peru.
Rafael Rodriguez holding a bunch of freshly harvested radishes from his field in Mexico.
Bruce Miller from Across the Creek, harvesting potatoes in Pemberton.


Stefan Misse - July 23, 2014
Category: Produce Update




Here’s your mid-week update – direct from the buyers mouths:

From Stefan:  One of those weird summer storms is brewing south of us in Washington, with downpours and thunderstorms forecast for Vancouver today and moving into the Interior later today and tomorrow.  There are advisories, including hail across southern regions.  Keep fingers crossed please – then we have a hot spell forecast after that.  While the cherry crop in the Similkameen was fairly thin, the apricot crop is huge – growers are begging to move 15 tons of apricots in the next 3 weeks.  Expect to see price adjustments starting on Friday as harvest exceeds demand at current pricing.  Again, we also need movement on behalf of at least 10 farms to move copious amounts of zucchini so feel free to promote.  Cherry volumes in the Okanagan are building quickly and quality is excellent.  Blueberry supply is strong and we stocked up yesterday to last us through this storm event when picking isn’t possible for the next couple of days.  Lots of new listings, as we hinted on Friday – local cherry toms, roma, peppers and eggplant – some of these are 3 weeks earlier than “normal”, whatever normal is anymore.  Early large Early Gold apples next week as well as local corn. 

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