Beryle and Johnny of Beryle's Organic Paradise in Oliver BC
Debbie Evans and some of the boys from Sundance Farms in Cawston take a break from the organic pear harvest.
Mike from Discovery Harvesting wheat at Ejido Benito Juarez Leyes de Reforma in Mexico
Rafael from Baja Organic Agriculture at Ejido Benito Juarez Leyes de Reforma in Mexico


Reiko Fujibayashi - April 23, 2014
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Hi Folks!!!

April’s flyin’ by, which means more and more exciting produce discoveries.

Feeling grateful today, for all the hard graft that goes into getting such beautiful stuff on our plates!

From the growers, to the purchasers, warehouse workers, drivers, retailers, chefs and everyone along the way…so much work!

What an honor it is to play a small part in it; lately I can’t even look at a salad without thinking about it.
(So, eating takes forever…though it’s always good to slow down!)

Check these Fresh Picks!

File 2476

Boskovich Collards

Time to eat your greens!

File 2481

Rainbow Table Carrots from Lakeside!

I don’t know about you, but I think purple carrots are the cat’s pyjamas.

(Like, I really, really like them. I would never dress a cat, however.)

File 2482

Origino Tomatoes on the Vine!

From Delta, these tomatoes are something special.

File 2479

Red Bartlett Pears from Earthbound.
I can’t get over them.

Lovely and luscious, and everything you would want in a pear!

File 2483

Snow Peas from Del Cabo!

Fresh and crisp, the perfect compliment to any Spring meal.

File 2480

Murcott Tangerines from Tule!
You need to snaffle these up while you can.
Easy to peel, and taste out of this world.
(And look at that glow!)

File 2478

And lastly, Blueberries, 12x6 oz from Devine!

(We’ve got 4.4oz too!)

Dark purpley-blue, and deeply delicious.

Well, that’s what we found this week, give us a holler, okay?
We’d love to talk to you!

Big Love,

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