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Hot Shots – Aug. 8th, 2016

Dear Ones, 

Yesterday Kristy picked me up and took me away from my homework desk and to Deer Lake Park for the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival and I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit near Kristy when she’s oh so happy, but it’s like nothing else on earth.  You look over at her and she’s positively glowing and it emanates out of her and gets onto you, too.




Dear Ones

I made a list of ways to avoid falling hard for someone I sort of have to avoid falling hard for and the list goes like this: 1) wake up with the birds if there are birds, with the rain if there’s rain, with the sun if there’s sun, and before your alarm clock if that’s all you’ve got, 2) paint your toenails bright pink and remain barefoot in every occasion where that’s possible, 3) watch your monkey mind and steer it towards the sweet when it wanders away and towards the dreary, 4) eat breakfast.  never skip breakfast, 5) ride your bike with no hands, 6) water your garden at night, like really soak it, 6) and also, love that person.  Maybe don’t tell anyone anything about anything ever, but you can love whomever you want, as deeply as you can, and for as long as you like.

That’s how I like to be in this world, to move with love.  Shoot, I make my BED with love.