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Let’s just fly through the list and see what makes the news!

Speaking of flying – Chile is delayed again on blueberries as growers still recover from hail shatter a couple of weeks ago at least in the region where ours come from.  Expect first arrival around the 9th or so.  We’ve been relying on Argentina for the last 6 weeks and that continues for another 10 days.  Except we can’t get any.  Why?  The dumbest of reasons.  There is a G20 summit in Argentina this week.  When the King of Saudi Arabia, the child from the US, dictators from Russia and elsewhere hob-nob for a week and get nothing accomplished except a nice break from the news cycle – that’s the G20, and because there’s so many important people in one place, air space is restricted and air freight shipments are cancelled, in case terrorists ……………