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Hot Shots – July 4th, 2016

Dear Ones,

Last week I had the absolute privilege of driving all up and down the east side of Vancouver Island meeting people I’ve talked to on the phone for YEARS.  I was super nervous to meet people I hadn’t really met and super nervous to drive, something I don’t really do a whole lot of.  In fact, Kristy taught me how to drive and was only just this morning telling someone in here about how I almost killed us both.

mixed garlic




Dear Ones

I made a list of ways to avoid falling hard for someone I sort of have to avoid falling hard for and the list goes like this: 1) wake up with the birds if there are birds, with the rain if there’s rain, with the sun if there’s sun, and before your alarm clock if that’s all you’ve got, 2) paint your toenails bright pink and remain barefoot in every occasion where that’s possible, 3) watch your monkey mind and steer it towards the sweet when it wanders away and towards the dreary, 4) eat breakfast.  never skip breakfast, 5) ride your bike with no hands, 6) water your garden at night, like really soak it, 6) and also, love that person.  Maybe don’t tell anyone anything about anything ever, but you can love whomever you want, as deeply as you can, and for as long as you like.

That’s how I like to be in this world, to move with love.  Shoot, I make my BED with love.



HOT SHOTS – APR. 3RD, 2016

Dear Ones,

IT’S SPRING!!!!  There are no two ways about it, winter is over.  This week I worked on a nice, even sunburn, and spent every spare moment on my pink bicycle riding under the cherry blossoms that make this city the most perfect city.  If you think about it, riding a bicycle is really the closest to flight you can really get.  You are speeding through the atmosphere, feet lifted and you are arching forward into the perfect sweet spring air, and even if you only lift a couple of inches, it’s flight.  I know how to fly.

This week the four year old who lives upstairs greeted me while I was reading in the sun.  She said, “Hi Ursula.  Why are you naked?”  And I said, “Hi Sequin, Why are you naked?”  She said, “I’M NOT NAKED!!!!”  And I said, “oh that’s funny, me neither.”  Four year olds are weird.  Four year olds are awesome.

And these are awesome!!!  BC HH red bell peppers!!!!  It’s real.  These are real.  It’s on…..




Lots to talk about!

First, it was great to have Gustavo Gaya drop in on Monday.  He planned his trip around the arrival time for a truckload of his product arriving from Mexico, and spent a couple of hours with our Receiving crew.  He wasn’t checking for quality – that was a given – he wanted to make sure the pallets were built right, and then compare his packouts to our other vendors.  He even weighed his kale bunches to see how they measured up, and when finding that the black kale was a little light, he was on the phone to his ranch and pronto!  This is the first time we have ever had a supplier from anywhere in either the US or Mexico actually come to see how things look at our end.  So that was cool.