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Hotshots-12 January 2015

Happy New Year dear Ones!!


Sorry for the delay this week with Hot Shots. Loads of produce has been flying in and out of our coolers so fast! No worries though, as I was touring the coolers Sunday morning I found some hot new, cool things to share!


Hotshots-29 December 2014

Hi Dear Ones!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and for some if not all, still enjoying the holidays. Here is the view I took in on Christmas day with my family from a local spot on the North Shore.


Hotshots-22 December 2014

Howdy Dear Ones!

Christmas is nearly here!! Wow. I can feel the holiday cheer and spirit in the air. There is so much chocolate and sweets around the office I hope I don’t pass out in a case of broccoli soon!

It’s that time of year where we all indulge a little more than usual, good thing we are surrounded by fresh organic produce to keep us on the right track.

On that note, here is what I found in the coolers Sunday morning:


Hotshots-17 December 2014

image001Hello dear Ones!

My name is Sarah and I will be providing you with weekly hot shots along with my partner in crime Markus.  It has been a little over three months that I have joined the Disco sales team. Feel lucky to work with warm, kind people and be surrounded by all this fresh organic produce! Aaahhhh!  I will be sharing what’s hot, what’s new, what’s exciting, what’s in season, what’s local along with recipe suggestions and fun health facts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!READ MORE

Hotshots-30 November 2014

Dear Ones,

After a four month hiatus we are back with your favourite weekly email – Hot Shots!

Here’s what Sarah found in the coolers today:

 Flemish Fancy V/F Pears – Organics Plus (Cawston)