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It was HOT!

We now have a pretty firm update on how the heat wave last week has affected things.

It was HOT.  54C is really hot.  I’ve been at 54C in the Sonora Desert twice – one south of Mexicali, and once near Hermosillo in Sonora.  It is hard to describe, and people actually live in those temperatures, even without AC.  The picture below is apparently a garbage can that melted in Arizona? Temperatures on dashboards were over 200F, allowing people to bake cookies in their cars.




Do we really need pink pineapple? Whatever.

As we wind up to Christmas week, here’s a fast discussion about what to look forward to, and not.

Apples – little has changed, with a wide selection and fair pricing.  Expect to see a few varieties move south of the border over January, and CA rooms breaking here, with CA Gala already packing.

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Well there you go – up to date with mostly great news!

Here’s a few notes of interest this week.

Apricots are winding down quickly after a short selling window and lower yield over-all this year – we may squeak out another 2 weeks, but that’s all.

Bananas – all these damn inspections have left us with a gap on FT bananas looming for early next week with our next container expected to be released mid-week and ripened fruit by Friday.  We will have bananas and will be subbing with GROW bananas for those few days.

Abbott Acres 20100825  Italian Plums more red




From the top (on what is mostly a fruit report).

First picks of BC Dessert Apples start this weekend.  The first few varieties don’t have much volume behind them – those would include Vista Bella, Sumac, Discovery, Tydemann, Transparent and a few more.  These are called dessert apples because they make great pies – lots of flesh with lower juice content.  They also have a very short shelf life – usually just a couple of weeks.  But always nice to have local apples, especially this early in the year.  Early season eating apples (Earligold and Sunrise are still a long way off.)  We should see some California Gala in the next 10 days as well.




Hot Shots – July 4th, 2016

Dear Ones,

Last week I had the absolute privilege of driving all up and down the east side of Vancouver Island meeting people I’ve talked to on the phone for YEARS.  I was super nervous to meet people I hadn’t really met and super nervous to drive, something I don’t really do a whole lot of.  In fact, Kristy taught me how to drive and was only just this morning telling someone in here about how I almost killed us both.

mixed garlic



HOT SHOTS – FEB. 28TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

I’m sorry that there were no Hot Shots last week.  I was at home sick with big lumberjack socks on, all curled up on my little love seat which I’d made into a super cozy little nest, feeling VERY sorry for myself.  I was really enjoying feeling very sorry for myself until something started happening which made me swear up and down that I will NEVER stay home again on a Sunday.  I was all curled up with my Miriam Toews book and all of a sudden, there was the sound of voices, singing, and a piano, which in itself was fine, until it got louder and louder and louder.





Well, it’s about time to catch you up across the whole spectrum.

Apples:  As we slowly wean ourselves from BC storage apples and list more Washington product, prices will jump 20-40%, but get used to that pricing because there is some harmonization when the first S. American fruit arrives, as Argentinians try to achieve the Washington market, and vice versa, so any increases you are seeing now are going to be the norm for 6 months.  Just have to get used to it.  It was not a glut year for BC or Washington growers, so there will be very few deals out there.




HOT SHOTS – Dec. 20th, 2015

Dear Ones,
Do you know why sometimes we refer to Kristy McDonald, our sales team Dream Team fearless leader, as our Little Loo Who?  It is because her love of Christmas is actually contagious.  And I really didn’t think it would be, but damn if I didn’t catch it from her her first year here.  And remember Cindy Loo Who, the Who who caught the Grinch in the act of stealing Christmas and warmed his heart and reminded him what Christmas was all about?   I’m the grinch, Kristy’s the little Who.  I don’t get on with my family and so Christmas, as it is for so many people, is actually a kind of strange time of year that for me has been sort of lonely and sad….until Kristy.  When I told her that we would NOT listen to Christmas carols in the office, she looked like she was going to cry. I thought to myself, “Self, you are being a jerk,” and so we listened to some Christmas carols and it made Kristy so happy, that really, it was hard to turn them off.  She was THAT happy. 
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