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First, have a great long weekend if you are in a province that has one at the beginning of August.

Apples:  Apparently you can expect BC Gala starting in 7 – 10 days.  In the meantime splurge on two great tasting BC varieties currently listed – Gravenstein and Sunrise.  Sunrise Bags on special for the week as well.  California Gala’s are fetching a substantial premium – their harvest, normally a small one-shot deal has been compressed, with smaller sizing because of the on-going heat wave with temps stable in the mid-40’s which have also sunburnt a lot of fruit on the top and south sides of trees.

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Dear Ones, 

Last weekend while I as working I was dreaming up evil revenge ideas for my now previous landlord just because while his family was just lovely, he was the worst landlord I’ve ever had.  I looked up legal recourse for having a crappy landlord on the internet and by accident found all kinds of vile things people do when they leave rental units.  Jon was encouraging me enact revenge, and then our driver John came in and he Dadded me.  To Dad someone is to guide them in a fatherly way.  I would normally resent such guidance, but not from John our driver, a truly kind and integral person who is deeply ethical and motivated to bring good change to the world.  Jon was encouraging me to leave raw chicken in the walls, and John encouraged me to take the high road.  It was like I had a little angel and a little devil on my shoulder, both named Jon/John.  Yesterday when I saw John, I ran towards him and squeezed him around the middle very hard and he said, “What are you doing?” and I said “THANK YOU FOR DADDING ME!!!!”

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Dear Ones, 

This week I’ve had lots of moments to truly cherish the people who live above me, due to the incredible fortune of having found a new place to live that is just the cutest apartment you’ve ever seen.  I know some of you don’t live in Vancouver, but those of you who do, you know or have heard that for tenants in this town, it’s rough out there!  That’s why I ended up where I am, because it was above ground and had no carpet and had big windows……etc.

Hot Shots 004


HOT SHOTS – MAY 29TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

I was talking to my Auntie Mom this week, she’s moved to Ottawa and it’s very far away than just Burnaby so now we have conversations on the phone that last for hours.  We talk about books, mostly.  It might seem strange to talk to another person about books for hours, but that’s what we do.  We also talk about family and there’s a person in our family who’s become someone absolutely unrecognizable due probably to their choice in partner.  It has struck me in this undoing that one must be very careful who they love, because it can change anything.

Hot Shots 008