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Well, it’s about time to catch you up across the whole spectrum.

Apples:  As we slowly wean ourselves from BC storage apples and list more Washington product, prices will jump 20-40%, but get used to that pricing because there is some harmonization when the first S. American fruit arrives, as Argentinians try to achieve the Washington market, and vice versa, so any increases you are seeing now are going to be the norm for 6 months.  Just have to get used to it.  It was not a glut year for BC or Washington growers, so there will be very few deals out there.





What California drought? 

The bottom ½ of coastal California inland to the Central Valley has had what everyone was hoping for – copious ran – soggier than soggy Vancouver in fact, with 50-100cm falling over many growing areas for the first half of the week, and more forecast for the entire weekend.  Despite that, California water authorities have announced even stricter water restrictions and allocations for this upcoming farming season.  It is going to take a lot more rain to fill underground aquifers than just the above normal amounts they’ve had for the last 2 months.  Since the start of the drought 4 years ago, some parts of the Central Valley have sunk nearly ½ a metre because of the big air pockets where water should be in underground aquifers.  But every bit helps, even if it makes harvest hard.

CA flood




Not much has changed on the supply trail

Of course at the head of the news is that not much has changed on the supply trail, with continuing high prices in many categories – and of course the bloody loonie dropped another 1.5% this week.  You will note some subtle price changes on “things” that usually are stable – those are a little freight adjustment we had to make this week after getting all our freight rates lined up for the next few months.  We’ve also had to adjust salad and a few other items because currency just keeps eating away at already slim margins.




MARKET REPORT – JAN. 13TH, 2016 – WATCH YOUR RETAILS! And other good news

WATCH YOUR RETAILS! And other good news.

You have been consistently warned by me that the organic supply chain was in climate chaos, road chaos, El Nino chaos and just general other kinds of chaos, and the birds have come home to roost this week with substantial price changes.  WATCH YOUR RETAILS!  Some prices are adjusting Thursday by 20% or more on a selection of greens, including celery, and all sub-tropicals – tomatoes, eggplant, cukes, zucchini, cherry toms etc.  Coastal California growers can’t get machinery into fields to harvest in the mud. Unseasonal temperatures across the south have slowed growth, right down into Mexico.  Road closures from landslides and heavy rain have affected Baja north into San Diego County.  There is a virtual bidding war for some product – especially celery and cauliflower.  Sorry to start off with bad news….and here’s more.




Here’s a very brief run down on what’s happening for next week.

Firstly, though – if you aren’t getting our ad planners please ask – we have options on a substantial list of great deals we can bring for you, booked in advance, three weeks out – so take advantage!

Apple list is still lengthy, but you are probably watching sizers and varieties slip from the list to be replaced with US Fruit.  You would be SHOCKED at pricing out of Washington on some varieties of apples.  We are currently SELLING Gala for less than Washington growers are selling for in US dollars if that gives you any indication.  Despite a slightly smaller crop, although way bigger than the year before, organic apples are selling far faster than ever before.





Local apple supply is still strong, with lots to choose from

With hard frost the last two nights in the Fraser Valley and colder weather to come, consider local season done, including Washington and Oregon – except for those few cold hardy greens like Brussels sprouts, collards and leeks, what was harvested yesterday, and a few brave souls who have covered their crops with hoop houses and row cover to stop the frost.  Supply on greens out of the south is awkward this week only because it just always is the week of US Thanksgiving.  It has been raining quite a bit in southern California, good for groundwater, bad for harvesting, which is fueling higher prices on things that shouldn’t be as expensive as they are, like kale.   Quick note:  OriginO is done with LE cukes for the season – gotta wait 3 months before you see more!  Another quick note:  Fairtrade Eggplant, first time we’ve listed it now on its way from Francisco Tepia at Rico Farm – awesome!

20100825 Abbott Acres apples