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A fast update interspersed with fun stuff. 

Other than a current cool-down across California (temperatures a couple of degrees below normal) there isn’t much of a weather story affecting pricing, unlike prior years at this time.  Only change is that the continued flow of small volumes of local kale, chard and dandelion has come to a quick halt with all fields frozen across the Fraser Valley and south Vancouver Island.  These cold temps will end spinach and bunch carrots from Ralph’s in Mt. Vernon, and will temporarily impact leek harvest – this weather just makes them better, but they would need to be chiseled from the ground, so we’ll wait until this cold snap ends and the frozen slush has melted from his Skagit River land.  We have full listings of his product that was harvested just before this messy weather started.



HOT SHOTS – JAN. 31st, 2016

Dear Ones,

There is a reason that arts students are not physicists.  I handed in a lab this week in which I cleverly calculated that one of Jupiter’s moons has an orbit of six thousand years.  I presented my findings to the TA who brought his hands to his face.  “SIX THOUSAND YEARS?!?!!” he almost shouted.  “It only takes sixteen days!”  I did some quick math in my head to sort out how long it would take me to figure out the right answer and along the way though my inner equations I discovered: I don’t care how long it takes for one of Jupiter’s moons to get aorund Jupiter, and even though I don’t care, I know now.  Sixteen days.  I handed in my “work” knowing I failed the lab, and I trotted out of the Physics department towards a nice cup of tea.  I commenced chuckling every time I thought of the TA’s exasperation with me and every time I recalled him saying with alarm, “SIX THOUSAND YEARS?!?!?!!?!?” I just couldn’t help it, downright effervescent giggles overflowed from my little heart.  So even though I’ll probably fail every lab if I keep up the “good work” I love my astronomy class.



MARKET REPORT – JAN. 13TH, 2016 – WATCH YOUR RETAILS! And other good news

WATCH YOUR RETAILS! And other good news.

You have been consistently warned by me that the organic supply chain was in climate chaos, road chaos, El Nino chaos and just general other kinds of chaos, and the birds have come home to roost this week with substantial price changes.  WATCH YOUR RETAILS!  Some prices are adjusting Thursday by 20% or more on a selection of greens, including celery, and all sub-tropicals – tomatoes, eggplant, cukes, zucchini, cherry toms etc.  Coastal California growers can’t get machinery into fields to harvest in the mud. Unseasonal temperatures across the south have slowed growth, right down into Mexico.  Road closures from landslides and heavy rain have affected Baja north into San Diego County.  There is a virtual bidding war for some product – especially celery and cauliflower.  Sorry to start off with bad news….and here’s more.



HOT SHOTS – OCT. 26th, 2015

Dear Ones, 
I woke up early this morning to write the Hot Shots because there just wasn’t enough time yesterday.  I got out of bed very carefully and quietly because my friend Tess is staying with me and she was still sleeping.  She’s a farmer from Armstrong who came to the city to drop off a whack of chickens.  The staff at Discovery purchased a motherlode of hens from her because they’re the yummiest, fattiest little organic birds around.