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Dear Ones, 

This weekend it was Blanca’s birthday and  Heather made her her favourite cake and also Ellen who is in charge of things in the warehouse made her her favourite cake which is called tres leches.  The thing is that the cakes looked REALLY different even though they were the “same.”  Ellen’s cake was iced with whipping cream and decorated with halved cherries and the cake that Heather made well….the first thing I said to her was “Heather, you’re supposed to put your cake in the oven and bake it.”  So I gather that this recipe for three milk cake has something to do with baking a sponge cake that is then soaked in three milks: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream.   Ellen’s cake had the appearance of being a rather rich yummy cake, and Heather’s looked like she tried to bake it in the dishwasher.  But you know what, it tasted damn good because of the soaking part.  And Heather’s got an extra soaking so it was extra good.  And there was more of it because it looked weird.  So….winning.