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On our Peru Relief Fund.  We’re hoping to send as much $ to Peru as possible on Thursday, so they have the money right after Easter.  If you have made a pledge, can you do your best to make that happen today or tomorrow morning please?   Thanks!

Very few changes after Friday’s market report.  With most veg production moving to the general Salinas area, growers would dearly love to have a spring!  Over the last 6 weeks the daytime highs have averaged 17C – with only 4 days over 25C.  They are, to the one, crying the blues, especially after a 3 day rain event ending last night – but not much rain in the forecast for the next week, nor any heat to speak of.




Have a great holiday – make Brussels Sprouts great again.

Here’s hoping, for those of you in the retail trade, that you are raced off your feet!  The Holiday season turns on strongly held traditions, and although we have commercialized the heck out of it, it really comes down to sharing, smiling and celebrating friends and family with great food.  Everything isn’t the same as when I was a kid.  Stores used to close at 3:00 on Christmas Eve and not open again until the 27th or 28th.  Boxing Days were illegal, at least in Vancouver, until the mid-80’s.  People didn’t shop for Christmas presents on the 26th and delay the family get-together until Boxing Day night so they could buy presents cheaper.  All presents came with batteries.  People went to church on Christmas morning before racing home to stuff the turkey.  But that’s about it – I think the rest is about the same, and for most families, it is getting together to celebrate a holiday, whether it’s Christmas or the holiday of any other religion, and eat, drink and not answer work emails, at least for the day.





It’s all about green-washing, just sayin’

Apples:  Market continues to shift with Washington done on Granny, Pink Lady winding down, Fuji about to end – leaving Washington Red Delicious the only one left in a few weeks.  Import Gala are in, but Fuji and Braeburn arrivals from the S. Hemisphere won’t start for a month.  This is a very tight transition so expect some potential gaps on all but Gala. Ouch!

happy earth day



HOT SHOTS, MAR. 27TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

It’s Spring and Spring makes me think about Love.  Not love like ewey gooey romance love, but about Good Love, like seeds breaking open in the dirt Love, like lil baby animals rushing into the world Love, like the smell of sticky poplar buds riding the chilly but not cold morning breeze Love.  My friend Tess who stays with me for about one week a month and is like a sister to me came into my room this week where I was reading myself to sleep.  She said, “Are you sleeping.”

Red bartlett



HOT SHOTS – MAR 13TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

Again I’m sorry there were no Hot Shots last week.  I was sick again.  I thought I was dying because I had become very tired and also I had commenced not liking the other people on the planet.  I spent four days watching a terrible show on Netflix, which took two seasons to reveal itself as sexist to the core, taking breaks only to look at clogs that I need on the internet.  It is a stunning existence, really, one’s life when one is down and it feels like we’ve all been taken out at Disco, only we’ve been taking turns which is a good thing.



HOT SHOTS – JAN. 24th, 2016

Dear Ones,

I had the experience this week of becoming hoppin’ mad with the readings I had for one of my classes, a history class.  I have become distressed often, in school, learning about the horrible ways that human beings have treated each other and the earth, mostly because looking around, old ways of thinking don’t seem to be unravelling fast enough.  I asked a teacher I had last semester how she remains objective, and she said she doesn’t.  But she said that she sometimes takes a break to cuddle her cat, or her kid, and that she tries to remember that the reason we study is so that we interfere with making the mistakes over and over and over again, as a people, as a species on a planet.  She said to focus on proof of change and to throw yourself headlong into commitment to change.