Discovery Organics | Produce Update-May 27 2015
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Produce Update-May 27 2015

Produce Update-May 27 2015

Stefan: Even though we have an early start to local production with various farms we still cannot keep up with the demand. It looks like timing on your buys will be most important for now as it seems that as soon as we get product in… it goes right back out the door. Thanks for the support! Origino will be transitioning on Long English cukes this week so don’t promo these for the next couple weeks. TOVs though are a different story. We have good volume and good supply. The grape cherry tomato trial Origino did this year for us has hit a snag with some blossom end rot. This should be fixed in the next couple weeks as they adjust their fertilizer schedule. Stone fruit from California is picking up except for the cherry options as the rains (yes rain! Months of drought until the cherry harvest starts then rain) have led to a lot of splits. Washington should be starting soon so we may have to skip California and move right to the northwest USA.

Annie: Fair Trade Tommy Mango deals continue, and a new Avocado load arrived today so all sizes are back in stock for the end of the week. Strawberries abound, Esteban Martinez sends his thanks for all the support-if you aren’t doing a volume deal on these yet, please start now! Broccoli supply is all Cali now, Cauli coming back in volume this weekend, our lovely Agrofrescos Brussels are nearly sold out, juice carrots are back, and we hope to have Savoy and Napa by Saturday, as spring progresses in Salinas. Citrus is at its seasonal low ebb, but we expect steady supply of Valencia, Lemons and Grapefruit for the coming weeks.

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