Discovery Organics | Produce Update: June 3 2015
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Produce Update: June 3 2015

Produce Update: June 3 2015

Stefan: Well the “local” season jumped in with a bang this week with Washington cherries and apricots arriving today. Myers Farm in Aldergrove gave us a small sampling of radishes last week which was great and then yesterday Marlene called and said we are ready to roll. They are looking at solid supply on lettuces, kale (black and green), mustards, cilantro and baby bok choy. Two EEs Farm also is looking pretty solid for the time being and with good weather here in the greater Vancouver area it looks like we should have a pretty good line up of local greens now. The Harkers also were ready to pick their first cherries of the year but then the thunderstorms came and the rains happened so that harvest was postponed until the weekend.

Annie: Salinas Valley temperatures are moderate, so broccoli, cauli and strawberry crops are loving it! Imperial Valley is super hot, so the California peach and nectarine crops are really ramping up now, citrus is high priced, low volume, as usual in the ‘off’ season, but fresh-packed Choice grade deals are available. Napa and savoy are still limited, celery is very limited and spendy, and bunch carrots are back and expected to remain steady.

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