Discovery Organics | Produce update: June 12th 2015
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Produce update: June 12th 2015

Produce update: June 12th 2015

Let’s take a run through today’s list.  Our next container of NZ apples is unloaded with a full size range of Fuji and Braeburn.   Avocado – no problem – quality continues to be excellent.  avocado prices will now start slumping as Mexico sets up to finish harvesting the current crop with new crop just a few weeks away– that coupled with massive supply now entering the global market from neighbouring Jalisco state.

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Apricots – like all stone fruit there is less production and higher demand – California is done and Washington is just starting early varieties, and we came up empty for the next few days.  bananas – bit of a schmoz – container delays are the bane of our existence – we have been rescued by other importers south of the border for next week – then we will be deluged with fruit from Ecuador as the delayed containers arrive in a clump – expect some special pricing at the end of the month, and sorry about shorts this week on some colour – we did our best.  Grapes – an incredible range of all 3 colours, several varieties and your choice of Fair Trade from heaven’s best or California fruit.  Lemons – ouch!  Price is high simply due to scarcity.  A climate change victim – this is where lower irrigation availability and fewer trees being watered is taking its toll.  Mangos – we’re down to our last week on this first trial of Fair Trade mangos from Mexico.  We were hoping to move north with some growers in Nayarit on this deal, but the days of that region north of Puerto Vallarta producing fresh mangos will likely end – 90% of the fruit there is usually processed anyhow.  Last year the season was a rain-out because mangos can’t be harvested in or during rain.  This year hurricane Bianca just finished blasting through, (also damaging the southern Baja crop) and Carlos has formed off Acapulco and its rain bands are already affecting Nayarit, and growers are moving their crop to the frozen market.  Carlos is aimed at Baja by mid-week.  As a side note, there are usually 3 or 4 full blown eastern pacific hurricanes a year, with one or two touching some part of Mexico.  We are already at 3 blasting Mexico this year and we’re only 15% of the way through the “normal” season.

Melons – the appetite is turned on, especially after last week’s heat wave – keep the orders coming – supply is good, although we have had a hard time keeping up with bins.  Oranges – no change – still dribbles of the last of Mexico’s season and reasonable California supply of Valencia.  pears – awesome supply and quality and we’re seeing more and more volumes on the heirloom varieties – so thanks for being brave and ordering them, and glad your customers are coming back for more!  Plum supply is good, with a multitude of varieties lined up to carry through to local season.  Strawberries – well, we are having a blast this year with Estefan’s fruit – turns are excellent and the fruit divine.  once again another glut wave has hit Watsonville and he’s begging us to take more, so we’re filling up the back end of every northbound truck and have some great pricing lined up for next week, and the price is negotiable on large volumes.

Broccoli prices have finally recovered.  Not so with cauli, which is still behind schedule in Salinas, and celery – well, what can we say, this early crop is taking forever, and supply on good looking product nearly non-existent.  No improvement expected for some time.  Local green veg continues to pour in the door – everyone is in production in what is starting out as another excellent year!

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