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Agrofresco – Eco Campos

AGROFRESCO is a farm operation of operation in Dolores Hidalgo, in the state of Guanajuato in Central Mexico and near San Miguel de Allende, north of Mexico City. Engineer Gustavo Gaya and his field engineers have been running 3 ranches of 60, 80 and 100 cultivated hectares for the past 7 years working closely with not only Discovery Organics, but organic giants like Earthbound and Taylor Farms as well. Associations with larger companies like this ensure that very stringent quality control standards are applied and only the most beautiful vegetables possible are produced.


Jacobs Farm – Del Cabo Organic

Having already created Jacobs Farm, a successful organic farming operation, and with a knack for developing niche markets, longtime organic farmers Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin were confident in their vision for their next venture. In 1985, they encountered a community of struggling, subsistence-level farmers in Mexico, and the Del Cabo cooperative was conceived.


Grupo Alta

Grupo Alta is a farm operation in the Sonora Desert near Hermosillo. The first word that comes to mind with Grupo Alta is impressive. Impressive for its size and for its ethics as an employer.

Initially restricted to table grapes, Grupo Alta is now growing a variety of crops, of which cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, peaches, peppers. About 60% of their crops are grown organically (since 2011) and their objective is to reach the 100% in a few years. They sell in North America and Europe under the brands Divine Flavor and Heaven’s best.
They have 7 ranches, of which Campo Pozo Manuel and Campo La Cuesta that we visited.


José Luis – Las Palomas/PRAGOR

On their 10 Hectares property, Jose Luis and his brother grow primarily citrus. Grapefruits are mostly for the export market and limes and oranges for the national market.



PRAGOR is a Production Rural Society Company of avocado producers located in the state of Michoacán, in Central Mexico. PRAGOR – PROVEEDORES AGRICOLAS ORGANICOS S.P.R DE R.L – was formed in 2005 to market the Hass Avocado and seek Organic and Fairtrade certification. Their goal was achieved in 2006.

“We became committed to Fair Trade because we believe it is lifesaving. It assures a fair price and that makes the producer feel safe” – Pragor coop members


Rico Farm

A family farm, Rico Farms is run by the Tapia family. Francisco Tapia, Sr., is an engineer by trade, and his son Francisco Tapia, Jr., has been educated stateside where he gained a degree in Industrial Process and Systems Engineering. That’s a lot of technical savvy for a farming family.
The farm is situated inland from the Sea of Cortez near Hermosillo. The Tapia family’s lands cover over 4,000 acres and more than 90% of this land has been set aside as a wildlife preserve. The production area is surrounded by this wilderness on three sides, which reduces the chance of pests or diseases affecting crops- great natural protection for an organic farm!