Discovery Organics | MARKET REPORT – MAY 27TH, 2016
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Here is your run-down for next week.

Apples:  The market continues to consume apples at an incredible rate, keeping prices high on all S. American fruit, with increases this week on Fuji ahead of an expected gap from several shippers on Gala.  On the upside, we’re 6 weeks from B.C. early dessert apples if that’s any condolence.

20100825 Abbott Acres apples


Avocados:  As mentioned last Friday, prices have climbed over 20% and that is reflected on your pricing for next week.  This increase in Mexico now makes specialty green-skin fruit from California substantially cheaper – that doesn’t happen often!

Stone Fruit:  Expect a huge rush of California cots, peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots to take up more space on listings for the next few weeks.  And, get ready for this, BC Cherries for mid-week all going well – they are harvesting in the Similkameen this weekend and listed, but we don’t know which day they will arrive.  We can’t forecast the weather, but growers south of the line are talking about a compressed season on cherries this year – that’s where changing weather is changing the ripening cycles of every variety, and fruit that should be ready for harvest over a 6-7 week period may all be harvested in 5.  That’s bad news for growers because it puts extra price pressure on them as they need to move more fruit in a smaller window.

Grapes – We buy all our Mexican grapes from Grupo Alta under the Divine Flavour or Heaven’s Best labels because they are Fair Trade.  Also, having visited their ranches in Sonora, none of us, after visiting over 200 farms amongst our crew, have seen a better farm operation when it comes to the way their labour force is treated, and also because they are just great producers.  In concert with universities in the U.S. and Europe they have been continuously running a grape breeding program for over a decade, and came up with a few winners.  For those of you who were able to get your hands on “Cotton Candy” green grapes last year, or the elongated “Black Sapphire”, you know what we mean.  We wish there were far more available, but we do get our proportionate share of their production, even if it’s just a few boards a week and yours to enjoy.  First come first served, just like last year.  Production will increase slowly year over year as they move this commercial trial to full production.

Mangos – we’re in the thick of it now – great fruit, Fair Trade and well-priced!

Melons – There is very aggressive melon pricing in the market right now with Mexico waning but still in production and California coming very quickly.  You can expect some substantial tightening over the next 10 days with several Mexican growers winding down after their early start this year.  At least that’s what we hear.

Oranges – Navels are very close to the end and prices are ticking up quite quickly.  Expect Navels to vanish from listings by mid-June.

Strawberries – Peak Production time is soon – expect very stable pricing (if it doesn’t rain) for at least 6 weeks with promotional opportunities – just ask!

Green veg – very, very stable for most commodities except celery, although the price is dropping 10% a week or more as production amps up in Salinas. BUT, you just look at that price list of ours and note the amazing selection of BC produce, here in the early month of May – salad, cabbage, peppers, zucchini.  Again our praise to so many growers who have amped up the volume – putting in hot houses and plastic tunnels and every other trick to bring crops into production weeks if not months early.



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