Discovery Organics | MARKET REPORT – JUNE 6TH, 2017
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Just a quick word to thank everyone so much for supporting an amazing year on our Agrofresco greens program for this 7 month season.  This operation is now our biggest vegetable vendor, and we’re planning on a few things to add to the program for next year.  One will be the final switchover to the “Ecocampos” labels for all products, and there will be other good news, to be announced in the future.


The crews have just cleaned all the fields down there and jammed a LOT of product into the last loads – so please take advantage of some very special pricing over the next 10 days to help move this mountain of broccoli, kale, celery and lettuces.  Certainly priced to move!  We will continue to have great supply of fresh bulk beets right through the summer.

Over the next few weeks we will also be receiving product from two other farm operations in Mexico we have been working with on commercial trials.  One of the drivers of these programs is to find out what can and will grow well in different areas, especially during those times when supply from California or other regions is very tight and pricey.  Expect to see the spoils of our field experiments this spring manifest over the next few weeks on squash, carrots and onions.

The other quick word is to thank you all for what we can only call momentous support of our Fair trade programs during Fair Trade month.  Besides the thousands and thousands and thousands of cases of Fair Trade certified product that flowed out of here, there was also an abundance of ‘great spirit’ in our fund-raising campaign to help our BOS banana coop in Peru recover some of what they lost this year in the awful floods.  The final numbers aren’t in, with some stores running customer engagement programs through most of May, but we’re expecting a final total somewhere between in the $17,500 – $20,000 range – which is utterly awesome!




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