Discovery Organics | MARKET REPORT – JUNE 23RD, 2017
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Think hot! Not just here – but all across the country and the U.S.  The pink on the west and southwest of today’s map is severe weather warnings for excessive heat – ranging from the mid-30’s for Seattle to the high 40’s (and low 50’s) across the deserts all the way to Texas.  (The reds and greens in the East are tornados and floods in case you were wondering.)  At the same time we have forecast highs in the high 20’s to mid 30’s for pretty much all of our service areas in B.C. through to the mid-Prairies.




So a few things – for one – we have LOTS of watermelon in stock and arriving at great price points.  We also have beautiful strawberries arriving constantly.  Esteban wants us to sell LOTS next week – priced accordingly.  As mentioned previously, despite being surrounded by pink coloured places on the above map, the forecast high’s in Watsonville, south of San Francisco are going to try hard to push past 20C on a few afternoons.  It is weirdly cool there in the summer.

However, reason why weather is important is that on some products, there won’t be any harvests for this 3 – 4 day period we are in because of the heat.  Too hard to keep crews cool and veg from suffering. Expect some pricing to bump for a week to compensate for a few days of sending the crews home.

About a year ago I sent out a market report called “scape walking into town,” my dialogue about growing garlic at a commercial level, and the seemingly trivial, yet vitally important job of ‘scaping,’ – the removal of the curly garlic flower.  Apparently it was well enough read that people chose to comment (a rare occurrence), so here it is again – and by the way, this year we are taking off the garlic scapes nearly 4 weeks later than in 2016

MARKET REPORT – MAY 25th, 2016 – Scape Walking into town


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