Discovery Organics | MARKET REPORT – Jan. 13th, 2017 – So great news about the drought!
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MARKET REPORT – Jan. 13th, 2017 – So great news about the drought!

MARKET REPORT – Jan. 13th, 2017 – So great news about the drought!

So great news about the drought – of course, but none of our California imports come from Northern California, and those recent huge volumes of rain and snow did little for southern California, hence the bottom ½ of the state is still bright red in the map above.  Winter isn’t over.  There’s hope for more rain for soCal where it’s really needed.



Here’s a nice article about Alvaro Nieto – the grower we started working with in earnest last year on commercial trials.  This year he is producing a wide range of crops for us, with our second shipment of the season just arriving.  The quality on the first load we got in a couple of weeks ago was sensational.  Thought we would pass this article along that just came out in “The Produce News” one of many industry news sheets – then you will understand why we like working with him.

That was nice to read – we are really impressed with this farmer. More on Alvaro and Santa Amalia on his grower profile 

You may have noticed some price increases sliding into the list.  Well, it’s that time of year when there are several transitions in Mexico, with interior regions too cold, and coastal ones cool enough to slow things down.  That is affecting zucchini pricing and will likely impact tomatoes, cukes etc. over the next few weeks. Prices from our grower/packers have been on a roller coaster most of the last 2 days as supply/demand comes into play – just watch your retails as higher prices kick into play.

The rains in California haven’t stopped, which is extending through all growing areas along the Coast, and really did a number on production.  The impact of low harvesting volumes has shown up on pricing on some crops.  As I mentioned on Wednesday, citrus is the one commodity that has really been impacted.  Many growers walked away from harvesting for 10 days, and may not start until Monday, with rains forecast to continue through the week.  You will see the market come into play for next week with substantially higher pricing on lemons, oranges and grapefruit, but we expect this will slide back down within a couple of weeks if the weather stabilizes.



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