Discovery Organics | MARKET REPORT – DEC 6TH, 2017
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Current forecasts have weather across most of W. Canada as dry and unseasonably warm for some areas for 2 weeks in some long range predictions.  A huge blocking ridge is protecting all of Western North America, well down into Mexico from any Pacific storm systems.  (A relief after 29 days of rain on the Wet Coast.)

Bone dry conditions in California are currently causing a lot of grief as the CalMet office has issued an extreme fire danger warning for a large area N. of Los Angeles.  A fire broke out yesterday near one of our growers and as of writing is nearing 50,000 acres in size, flaring right into the city of Ventura.

Jim and Lisa (Churchill Orchards) are specialty citrus growers with just one commercial crop – Pixie Tangerines.  We consume most of their Pixie production.  The balance of their literally 100+ specialty citrus varieties are sold at Farmers Markets in Ojai and Ventura.

Here’s what Lisa had to say this morning:

From: Lisa Brenneis at Churchill Orchard []
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2017 9:52 AM
Subject: Churchill Orchard – not on fire yet

Hi: Yesterday afternoon we were preparing to go out and defend the citrus and avocados against the predicted 29 degree frost.

Things went differently. The fire started southeast of us in Santa Paula Canyon. The wind has been relentless – blowing out of the Northeast. The fire ran rapidly west, but has stayed on the south side of the ridge so far – except in the east end of the Ojai Valley, where the orchard is located.

We are personally okay – loading our cars and getting ready to evacuate but not in any panic.

The orchard is in god’s hands. The fire is very close to it and the winds are astonishingly strong. Three pumps for our water district were out overnight; the electricity has come back on so maybe the pumps are working as well.

We will get back to you after this is over and let you know where we stand. Farming never was an economically rational proposition.

Jim C and Lisa B

Churchill Orchard

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