Discovery Organics | MARKET REPORT – AUG. 26TH, 2016
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Just as you would imagine a BC grown tomato at the end of August; fantastic!

Hot Shots 054


Tomatoes of all types are definitely strong and local field peppers are just waiting for a few cool nights to colour up. Secrest is packing a 2 layer with nice graded sizing and PLUs while Sundance Farm is packing a 25# case with mixed sizing. Overall the flavor is just as you would imagine a BC grown tomato at the end of August; fantastic!

The local grape harvest continues up the Okanagan valley with the Sproule Farm Coronations aiming for shipping Tuesday which balances nicely with the final harvests from Secrest Farm in Oliver. Honeycrisp were hit hard by hail and overall volume is quite limited so please talk to our sales folks and line some up if you do need them.

Amazingly we should have Fujis from Troy and Sara Harker soon. These are the early variety that normally are picked in September;I guess August is the new September! We should see Spartan and Ambrosia soon too. Maybe 14 days or so?

Lemons are still hit and miss. Weather related problems in Mexico (tropical storms) have left orchards wet and unable to harvest much volume. California lemons are still few and far between.

The next arrival of Fair Trade Avocados is imminent with a good selection of all sizing. With this arrival we will be able to pack more Rebel Avocado bags for you. They were a bit hit last time and we sold out faster than anticipated so this time we doubled the volume. Rebel fruit selection is still running strong and we are packing as fast as we can to fill orders. Preorders definitely help us manage this rapidly growing program.

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