Discovery Organics | HOTSHOTS – NOV. 30TH, 2015
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HOTSHOTS – NOV. 30TH, 2015

HOTSHOTS – NOV. 30TH, 2015

Dear Ones,

I have little to share but that the semester is almost through.  My friend came over yesterday with a carrot cake because she knew I wouldn’t go to her or even towards the outdoors, shackled as one can become to schoolwork.  I showed her some of my drawings and we tried on my shoes and then we laughed also…a lot.  It was so nice of her to drop by out of the blue and give me the gift of cake and positive human cintact.  I wonder if campuses have a kind of unbridled craze of freedom after exams are out, followed by complete calm and silence.   Students have been trapped, and compressed and the pressure only mounts and mounts until it suddenly just isn’t there.  I am so tired.  I have bags under my eyes and all I eat is toast and tahini over the sink (and sometimes cake ;).  I bought some bright red high heeled clogs on the internet from Sweden (aka The North Pole) and they should be turning up right when Burnaby Moutnain kicks me out and I just don’t know if it’s gonna be a good combo: a very short duration of pure and unbridled academic freedom after a period of intense study, plus incredibly awesome shoes.  Sounds good.  And also bad.  But mostly good.



These sound good!  They are also NAKED!!!!!  They’re tomatillos, without the lantern packaging.



Padron peppers: small tender green peppers that are either a little bit hot or a lot a bit hot.  There is no telling which ones are which.  Fun!!!  Party games!



Giant 13 count papaya!!!!



And now these are super special and when I asked Doug what they were (oops….I didn’t know until I cracked one) he told me that his wife makes this recipe: ground oreo plus butter on the bottom of the cake pan + THIRTY (Doug said there have to be THIRTY) pecans + chocolate ganache (chocolate and heavy cream once two become one) + LOVING caramel (Doug actually qualified that the caramel is to be of the LOVING variety) + more ganache + whip = you should really only have one piece.  I’m so down!  Pecans in the shell!  Get ‘em out of those damn shells and make CAKES or THINGS THAT ARE AS DELICIOUS AS CAKE!.



These are giant.



Either my face is very small or these Asian pears are very big and I tell you I HAVE A GIANT FACE.  Ask anyone.


Nopales cactus.  How do you think they figured out you should eat this stuff?  If you know, do tell.  You know what, I bet Escobar de la Heather knows.  The race is on to find out.  GO!



These capay carrots are definitely the yummiest of the bunch carrots we get in and the tops are on the nicer side of fading, but that they are.  If you’re a top trimmer, can you please help us out with this batch of super yummy amazingly sweet bunch carrots?  I know a lot of you are top trimmers.  I just know it.  If you don’t care about perfect carrot greens, and who would coz they aren’t yummy, give us a hand.  (PS: anyone about to write me back and tell me that indeed you CAN eat carrot greens, don’t.  I know you ‘can.’  You ‘can’ eat carrot greens like you ‘can’ eat salsify, purslane and haggis: you ‘can’ if you are absolutely starving).



Look at how this Gudjonson garlic is just bursting out of its garlic sack!



The Lakeside green leaf is pretty amazing.



And these are the parsnips from Siri and Sons.






Meyer lemons from Sundance.



These are our beautiful long English cucumbers from Mexus produce.  They’re pretty perfect.



Red Savoy from Tahoma.



And this is what Mayfield would look like if Red Savoy cabbage from Tahoma is what he had instead of a face and head and brains.



I’m laughing.  Mayfield is such a good sport.  All of us around here are.  And thank Goodness for that.

Stay warm, stay bright, and bring your friends cakes.  It’s nice.  It’s like, the nicest thing.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss

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