Discovery Organics | Hotshots-12 January 2015
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Hotshots-12 January 2015

Hotshots-12 January 2015

Happy New Year dear Ones!!


Sorry for the delay this week with Hot Shots. Loads of produce has been flying in and out of our coolers so fast! No worries though, as I was touring the coolers Sunday morning I found some hot new, cool things to share!

I’d also like to take this time to express, on behalf of the Disco Dream Team, that we are so grateful for all of your support! It is a privilege to be a part of a community that is passionate about FairTrade and Organic agriculture. Your dedication in promoting these products makes this world a better place. Let’s continue to work together in 2015, little by little, we can make a difference!

Now let’s have a look at what I found:

Spinach Bunch 24 Count – LAKESIDE California

As Randy has mentioned it in the last few weeks in the price list blurb (yes people, the blurb above your pricelist, I will keep mentioning this as I know not everyone takes the time to read it!!) Spinach has been a challenge to get on the market due to cold weather, and frost. Well, it’s back in stock!!


Green Cabbage – LONGVIEW Saanichton BC (kraut variety)

These beauties are great for making Sauerkraut! Their skin are nice and firm which is a perfect texture for fermenting and pickling. Matthew one of our Quality Control guys brought these lovely heads to my attention, thank you!

Below I have attached a simple link for making Sauerkraut at home:

The health benefits of fermenting cabbage and other vegetables the old-fashioned way with good quality sea salt is out of this world. Sauerkraut is full of beneficial bacteria called probiotics that is beneficial for your gut. The probiotics found in fermented foods is even more beneficial than probiotic supplements! Your gut is considered the second brain in your body. This connection is also referred to as the gut-brain axis where biochemical signals take place between the gut and the nervous system which play an important role in healthy brain function and a healthy immune system.

Cool hey?! A good reason to order and spread the word to your customers on these wonderful benefits and ways of using cabbage!!!


Napa Sui Choy Cabbage – LAKESIDE California

Back in stock! They look like lovely hearty pillows to me J


Brussels Sprouts 10# and 20# – AGROFRESCOS Mexico

Had to take a picture of these stunners, as Randy mentioned this week in the price list! Beauuuuuutiful! Come get them quick.

Brussels Sprouts

Stinging Nettles 3 x 1# – PRIMAVERA California

If you didn’t know about nettles, which can be found locally during Spring, are a powerhouse of nutrition. Be careful though! They sting!

Health fact: cure for arthritis, blood builder, supports liver and female hormones, treatment for allergies, urinary tract support, beneficial for hair loss and various skin conditions such as, eczema and acne and sooooo much more!! Just remember nettles are the best and beneficial for almost everything!!

Recipe ideas: you can treat this powerful green plant as any other, I like to make soups and add potatoes and other veg too, great for juicing, I like to blanch it and toss it in a salad. It’s very versatile. Don’t be intimidated!


Strawberries 8 x 1# – SWEET SUCCESS California

Sweet success indeed! These stunning strawberries are not only gorgeous but also sweet as can be, as their label indicates. Come get em!


FairTrade Hass 70 Count Lug Avocados – PRAGOR Mexico

These bad boys sold out so fast that we needed to get more in asap they are SO popular! Such a good deal too!

Health fact: avos are a healthy fat that helps get rid of bad fat in the body. Don’t be afraid of fat, it is an essential macro nutrient your body needs. One thing to remember is too choose healthy fats as much as possible such as avocados, olive oil, flax and chia seeds.


Pineapple Gold Sweet 5 / 6 Count – CAPA COOP Costa Rica


Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes – MR LUCKY Mexico



Mini Roma Tomato on the Vine – A & A Mexico

DON’T PANIC IT’S ORGANIC!!! Love the slogan. Need I say more about these little guys?

Tomato 2

Ataulfo 20 Count Mangoes – PURITY Ecuador

You guys have been asking me over the phone for several weeks now when we would be getting in these type of mangoes. Well, here they are! Ataulfo Mangoes.


Again, don’t forget to head over to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for more info and photos.

Big Love,

Sarah Davallou

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