Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – OCT. 26th, 2015
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HOT SHOTS – OCT. 26th, 2015

HOT SHOTS – OCT. 26th, 2015

Dear Ones, 
I woke up early this morning to write the Hot Shots because there just wasn’t enough time yesterday.  I got out of bed very carefully and quietly because my friend Tess is staying with me and she was still sleeping.  She’s a farmer from Armstrong who came to the city to drop off a whack of chickens.  The staff at Discovery purchased a motherlode of hens from her because they’re the yummiest, fattiest little organic birds around.  

Last year was Tess’ first year doing chickens and she called at some point and during our conversation mentioned that she couldn’t quite figure out how to catch a bunch of chickens at once.  I told her that my brother and I used to chase our chickens back into the chicken coop at night with the help of hockey sticks.  She said, “we don’t have any hockey sticks.”  I said that one time we figured out that if we opened and closed an umbrella, it sort of scared the bejeezus out of the creatures of mini brain and they’d hop to it and were herdable.  She said, “I don’t think we have an umbrella.”  I said, well, I think what you could probably do is put a skirt around your neck and kind of be an umbrella, that should work.  And Tess said, “Thanks, Ush.  I’m really glad I called you.  If I hadn’t, I probably would have looked really stupid.”  
I felt helpful and like pretty much the Farmer’s Almanac until I realized she was teasing me.  Good thing I love being teased.  I have continued to lay on thick my rural advice, and I think Tess just calls to have a good laugh, now, when she asks an East Van city kid if I have any practical ideas.  I’ve got ideas.  Holy wow, have I got Ideas. 
Asian pears are still kicking’ it somehow and these are yummy and juicy and oh so perfect!  
Asian Pears - Copy
Chanterelles from…..the forest.  


I know that the only reason no one is buying our purple daikon is because no one knows what it is.  This is what it is.  And further to this picture which speaks a thousand words, they are on the sweet side and they are a bit spicy and they are really crisp and juicy.  They come in a 10# bag and they’ll last quite a while and really spice up your root section.  Give ‘em a go.  Tell those hippies to add some purple to their kimchi.
Everything from Ralph’s is always perfect, we know this.  This is his spinach.  
Spinach - Copy
We are able to offer volume pricing on broccolette/broccolini this week and this is it!  It’s magnificent!  We got a great deal that we’d like to pass onto you.  xo
Fuyu persimmons!
The women in prep and I decided yesterday that these are the bomb.  Super sweet price and they’re oh so huge and perfect and perfect inside.
Granada - Copy
Mixed heirloom Japanese eggplant. 
Beautiful on the vine baby romas!
romas - Copy
Cindy showed me these, she said, “you know how blue hubbard is always that size where you’re not sure how to prepare it without a chainsaw?  Look at these!”  These are regular sized blue hubbard squash from 2EEs.  No chainsaw necessary.  Unless that’s your thing.
These are our jalapenos!  They’re the prettiest ones!
Delicata!  Sugarloaf! 
BC jack’o’lanterns were ready sometime in June, and so we’ve brought a bin of Del Cabo jack’o’lanterns in for Hallowe’en.  What are you going to be for Hallowe’en?  I have a perfect costume if only I could find a way to look convincingly bald.
pumpkin - Copy
Brown Turkey Figs!  (We’ve got ‘em in clamshells, too)
And this is Doug, our Quality Control Miracle Man.  And he’s holding, yup, the gold turnip.  When I asked Doug to tell me something about himself that I didn’t know and would be just floored by, he told me that he once made a wedding cake out of cream puffs that was taller than I am.  Doug, obviously, is awesome.  Three cheers for Doug. 
turnip - Copy
Stay Warm!  Stay Dry!  And tease the people you love, because teasing really means, “I see you.  I love you.”
We see you.  We love you.    
Big Love,
Ursula Twiss
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