Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – MAY 29TH, 2016
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HOT SHOTS – MAY 29TH, 2016

HOT SHOTS – MAY 29TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

I was talking to my Auntie Mom this week, she’s moved to Ottawa and it’s very far away than just Burnaby so now we have conversations on the phone that last for hours.  We talk about books, mostly.  It might seem strange to talk to another person about books for hours, but that’s what we do.  We also talk about family and there’s a person in our family who’s become someone absolutely unrecognizable due probably to their choice in partner.  It has struck me in this undoing that one must be very careful who they love, because it can change anything.

Hot Shots 008

The other thing one must be very careful of is what they’re reading.  Several weeks ago I walked by one of those East Van book cases that are on the street.  Usually they are full of terrible books–the books the neighbourhood felt “generous” enough to part with, their Meave Binchy collection, the Twilight series, and all other manner of lit-trash—but once in a while there’s a gooder in there.  I found a copy of Anna Karenina and I grabbed it thinking, this is one of them books one is supposed to have read.  I got to it, all 800 pages of it, but around page 400, I gave up because it is a book about rich people and romance, and my whole life became steeped in the turmoil of the rich and the romantic and it was just awful.  I decided that 400 pages of Anna Karenina was enough, and started in on a book called “The Hummingbird’s Daughter.”  I went from rich romantic Russians, to the women of the Mexican Revolution, a book about prayer and women and God and death.  There is a character in that book who is a shaman of a kind, Huila, who smokes Mexican cigars, carries a shotgun, as well as the teeth of a buffalo which she keeps in a bag made from the scrotum of a man in her apron.  I became braver, thought more things were hilarious, and decided that I too could see the light around people that tells you about their spirit.  It was a finer world indeed, from the eyes of Terasita, the Saint of Cabora, learning everything about life from Huila, and also learning everything about life because of the imminence of death.

Last week before my Auntie Mom and I said Good Bye, she read me a poem aloud that was so beautiful and then she said, “darling girl, I love you.  Be careful always who you love, and be careful always, what you read.”

I promised, “I will never read Anna Karenina again.  It had me on my knees.”  And she said, “That’s my girl.  Don’t take to your knees unless you’re praying.”

Hot Shots 020

Gold bunch beets from Heger!

Hot Shots 024


French Breakfast radishes from Myers in Aldergrove!

Hot Shots 013


These are the item we have listed as celery “stallks.”  They are a wonderful option for food service: they’re cheap and they’re awesome.  Jackie loves celery so much that she includes it in her mention of comfort foods.  She lists: Cardem’s donuts, potato chips and celery.  I might be the only one on earth but I think this is so cute.  Jackie loves celery so much you could probably woo her with it.  I’m serious.

Hot Shots 006


This is weird, we have BC zucchini.  Yes, it’s May and we have BC zucchini.  I haven’t yet made the decision to plant any, and it’s already rolling in from Cawston.  Hello, climate change.  We are alive in interesting times.

Hot Shots 022


Gold chard, also from Cawston!  This stuff is soooo beautiful.

Hot Shots 036


Pickling cukes from Longview!

Hot Shots 016


And green leaf from Longview!

Hot Shots 031


Gorgeous white nectarines in a perfect volume fil pack out.  I even spotted a precious orchard leaf in this box.

Hot Shots 008


CHERRIES!!!!!  That’s right, we’ve got beautiful bing cherries from California.  BC is just around the corner, but we’ve got a bit of time before our own province’s crop of cherries arrive to fill with these perfect delicious fruits!!

Hot Shots 011


Nopales Cactus pads.  Terasita ate a lot of Cactus and she could fly, so……

Hot Shots 002


Gorgeous eggplant from Creekside and look how lovingly they’ve been packed!

Hot Shots 029

And this is Brad.  He is from England and he enjoys riding his bicycle to the beach, climbing in the mountains, and never reading anything I give him to read.  He is tall and I needed him to help me get these grapes and then I asked him to hold them up for you because he’s got about the most beautiful smile, hasn’t he!  Also, he is holding COTTON CANDY GRAPES!!!!

Cotton Candy Grapes taste so much like cotton candy that there was a bowl of them in the office last summer and I popped a few into my mouth and then spat them out and said, “those taste like cotton candy!”  Kristy shook her head and sort of held the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger and sighed deeply, “Do you know why that is Ushie?”

Me: WHY?!?!?!!?
Kristy: Those are Cotton Candy grapes.

Dear Ones, be careful who you love, be careful what you read, and get in on these limited seasonal things like cherries and cotton candy grapes.  With both of these items it seems like all you have to do is decide to think about them later and *poof* they’re gone.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss


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