Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – MAY 1ST, 2016
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Dear Ones

I made a list of ways to avoid falling hard for someone I sort of have to avoid falling hard for and the list goes like this: 1) wake up with the birds if there are birds, with the rain if there’s rain, with the sun if there’s sun, and before your alarm clock if that’s all you’ve got, 2) paint your toenails bright pink and remain barefoot in every occasion where that’s possible, 3) watch your monkey mind and steer it towards the sweet when it wanders away and towards the dreary, 4) eat breakfast.  never skip breakfast, 5) ride your bike with no hands, 6) water your garden at night, like really soak it, 6) and also, love that person.  Maybe don’t tell anyone anything about anything ever, but you can love whomever you want, as deeply as you can, and for as long as you like.

That’s how I like to be in this world, to move with love.  Shoot, I make my BED with love.


And these are grown with Love!  2EEs easter egg radishes.



I don’t know of a thing I like more than rhubarb.  Maybe basil and rhubarb are kind of on par in my world?  There is just nothing like it.  This is the stuff from Living Rain in Washington.



Tommy Atkins mangoes!!!!



We’ve got just a couple of cases of this sunburst squash, they’ll probably be gone by the time I get here tomorrow morning.



BC beefsteaks!



This is the piece de resistance this week.  I thought the BC leaf lettuce might be on the small side.

Well…it isn’t.



Spinach from Two EEs!!!!



Gorgeous baby cherry heirloom tomatoes.  There is a real variety in this pack out.

green beans


Beans!  Beautiful beans!  I planted a lot of beans this year. The four year old from upstairs “helped.”

Ursula: Okay, now tuck ’em in.
Sequin: Does that mean like when you put the dirt on top of the little seed buddy?
Ursula: Yeah, tuck ’em in and say something sweet to them like you’re really tucking them in.
Sequin: Goodnight little seed buddies.
Ursula: That’s it?  It’s broad daylight!  Why good night?
Sequin: I’m going to say something different, okay Ursula?
Ursula: Okay.
Sequin: Hello little seed buddies.  I’m tucking you in because you’re going to grow big and strong like me and Ursula.
Ursula: *gulp* *tear*
Sequin: Why are you crying Ursula?
Ursula: Because I love you so much.
Sequin: Don’t cry though.
Ursula: Okay.



BC cilantro!

b banana


This is the apple banana.  It is little and cute and fat.  This is straight from the poster that comes in the box: “The Apple Bananas is a cultivar of the wild seeded bananas and is one of our favourite varieties of all the dessert bananas.  When fully mature, it has a tangy, sweet apple flavor with hints of pineapple and strawberry.  It is a snack-sized, full-bodied banana with a rich banana flavor.  Unlike the Cavendish Banana (the better-known banana, sommon on supermarket shelves) the Apple Banana can be very astringent if consumed immature.  At full maturity the colour of the peel is a dark yellow with dark black streaks and it is then that the Apple banana is at its best flavor.  Unlike the Cavendish banana, Apple Bananas will hold their texture for days and not ferment when mature.”

So that’s pretty neat.  Give ’em a try!



BC TOVs!!!!



And something else we haven’t sen in a good long while, white onions.  These pearly papery pretties haven’t been around, and now they are!

Dear Ones,

Stay warm, water deep and let that little heart love.  It’s not like you can make it stop.  We are not exactly in charge, you see.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss

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