Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – MAR. 20TH, 2016
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HOT SHOTS – MAR. 20TH, 2016

HOT SHOTS – MAR. 20TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

When I first moved to Nelson, I did it for “love” but it only lasted 22 days after which I found myself without my lil East Van apartment, without a job, and quite frankly, in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t know anyone.  I made a friend called Tory and she took me blueberry picking.  I piled into a beat up vehicle with three young beautiful Kootenay women who also happened to be single moms and picked blueberries in Thrums.  After 5 hours I had made $27.  Tory had made $90.  I could see why she did it, wasn’t sure why I should.

yellow tom



The next day I made a commitment to myself to pick those little blueberries faster than a Japanese commuter train and when we weighed up at the end of the day, Tory had made $120, and I had made……$27.  I made several promises to myself because I learned a few things that day, a) I’m not that good at picking blueberries really fast, b) I was NEVER going to be a single mom in the Kootenays because that is just too hard and I obviously don’t have even a fraction of what it takes, and c) Tory was super special.  I ended up managing to piece together some kind of income over the three years I was in Nelson, somehow.  I also became a person who had been humbled.  I never went blueberry picking again, but I worked at the youth center, I worked at the homeless shelter, I sold artwork that I made and I became a person who had been humbled.  And one day, I went out to go and buy Miriam Toews’ new book which was shortlisted for the Giller, a perfect and beautiful book called All My Puny Sorrows, and I stood in front of it at Otter Books and felt tears in my eyes.  It was only available in hardcover and it was $32.  I stood there with tears in my eyes because there are just a few things that are very important to me and I am not a princess by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I was standing in front of a book that I wanted to read more than anything in all the world, and I couldn’t afford it.

There are moments, game changers, that require us to rearrange our whole lives and follow a different trajectory than the one we’re on and you never really know what it’s going to be that hits home.  That day it was a novel, a book by my hero had me on my knees and making promises to myself that I was not going to stay up all night long holding a space for the homeless, teach yoga to teenage girls AND not be able to buy a book that I needed to read.  Within months I was back at le Disco, living on the Eastside and enrolled in full time studies at SFU.  And I’m so happy.

I’m so happy, because I’ve been humbled.  When I leave after a long day I feel so grateful because I’m walking home from work at night, not first thing in the morning.  When I’m stressed it’s because I have so many things due and so much to read, it’s not because I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to pay my rent.  This morning Jackie told me that she was reading a book by Miriam Toews and I felt these little tears prick up in my lil eyes all over again, but I wasn’t frustrated, these tears were tears of relief because I know what I’m so grateful for, I know why and that joy is all my own.  I’ve always loved books more than anything, but I never knew exactly how much I loved books until one day a book told me that I’d better start trying to get back home.

Yay on earth!!!!

These can be all your own, too!  Little baby watermelons that are actually very little and baby!



12 ct cauliflower.  It’s pretty much the size of my face.



Beautiful brussels from Agrofresco!  We have them in 10lbs crates and 20lbs crates, too.



Um…these are beautiful and perfect, tri-colour fingerlings from Alberta Organics.  These are actually stunning.  You should get ‘em.



Yesterday Kristy and I did a thing called Choiroake, which means that we put on a video of Stompin’ Tom’s song Bud The Spud, a video that had the lyrics on it, and we both sang along to it at the top of our lungs.  We did this because we have PEI potatoes, and there is a song about PEI potatoes, it’s called Bud The Spud.  If you call and sing us one verse and one chorus of Bud The Spud, we will give you a very nice surprise gift.  I’m not sure yet what it will be, but it’s going to be a very good gift.  To enter the contest, simply call and commence singing the verse and chorus and we will send along your prize.

And also, buy your spuds from us because we’ve got “another big load of the best ***damn potatoes that’s ever been growed.  And they’re from Prince Edward Island.  They’re from Prince Edward Island.” –Stompin’ Tom Conners



Snow peas!

snow peas


Yum cilantro!  This is my favourite kind of bouquet.



These are TwoEEs collard greens.  They are not giant bunches leaf-wise, but what they lack in height they make up for in girth.  These are big bunches of collards and they are oh so young and sweet and tender.



Artichokes!!!!  Scooping butter into your face since 1899.



And this is the Longview Black Lacinato.  Same story at the TwoEEs collards.  They are short, dense and tender.  This is my favourite in terms of greens, the first black kale.



CANDY!!!!!  I mean, sugar snap peas.



Pixie tangerines!  So yum.



Oro Blanco grapefruit.



Yellow TOVs!!!!

yellow tom


Orange ones!!!

orango tom

Hot ones!!!  Just joking.  These are habaneros.



And we’ve got the best most beautiful HH peppers in every colour so you should probably just make your life simple and order them from us.

red pepper


Dear Ones, stay warm, stay dry and tonight looks like the perfect night to curl up with a book while it just pours out there.  Or just to go to bed early and before falling asleep perhaps naming the things for which we are so grateful.  I’m so grateful.  And I’m happy because very small and rather inconsequential things make me happy.  That’s the only trick.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss


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