Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – JUNE 19TH, 2016
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Dear Ones, 

Last weekend while I as working I was dreaming up evil revenge ideas for my now previous landlord just because while his family was just lovely, he was the worst landlord I’ve ever had.  I looked up legal recourse for having a crappy landlord on the internet and by accident found all kinds of vile things people do when they leave rental units.  Jon was encouraging me enact revenge, and then our driver John came in and he Dadded me.  To Dad someone is to guide them in a fatherly way.  I would normally resent such guidance, but not from John our driver, a truly kind and integral person who is deeply ethical and motivated to bring good change to the world.  Jon was encouraging me to leave raw chicken in the walls, and John encouraged me to take the high road.  It was like I had a little angel and a little devil on my shoulder, both named Jon/John.  Yesterday when I saw John, I ran towards him and squeezed him around the middle very hard and he said, “What are you doing?” and I said “THANK YOU FOR DADDING ME!!!!”

Hot Shots 060

John: No raw chicken?
Me: No raw chicken.
John: That feels better doesn’t is?
Me: Well, I can’t honestly answer that question because I do not know exactly how it FEELS to leave raw chicken because I didn’t do it, and I bet it would feel pretty good, but I didn’t and that feels pretty good too, I guess.
John: It wouldn’t feel good, Ush.
Me: Okay.  I trust you.

There are so many great Dads out there.  There are a whole whack of ’em here at Disco, and I know many of you are Dads and I know it’s not easy and may we just say, thank you and we love you and on this one day of the year let me just congratulate you for doing hardest best job you’ll ever do, loving someone and helping them turn into a decent person.  Go Dads!  Thanks for showing up.  Not all Dads do.


Hot Shots 012

And speaking of THANKS FOR SHOWING UP, fresh respberries from Olera in Aldergrove!  These berries are giant and juicy and perfect and EXTREMELY limited.


Hot Shots 050

Ralph’s Spinach!  Everything from Ralph’s is perfect.

Hot Shots 006

Watermelon bins are in and it’s going to be sunny this week, it really, really is.  Also, we have a bin of SEEDED watermelon here that was ordered in for someone but didn’t arrive in time to get to them.  Ahhhh, produce.  All’s fair in love and produce.  So if you want a bin of seeded watermelon, please get at me.  And get your watermelon on.

Hot Shots 024

No words.  Words won’t help.

Hot Shots 013

Yellow peaches!!!!

Hot Shots 048

And these are from Ralph’s, as well.  Everything honestly, is perfect that rolls in from this farm.  These bunched beets are PERFECT.

Hot Shots 057

Green butter from Myers in Aldergrove.

Hot Shots 015

Volume fill pluots.

Hot Shots 062

These are the bunched carrots from Something Good, which is the best name for a farm, ever.

Hot Shots 060

This is Jade and she works in prep.  I asked Helen what Jade likes best and she said, “her kids.”  And I said, “Jade has kids!?!?!!?!?!”

Sheesh, the things we don’t know about each other.  This is Jade, she is beautiful, she is kind and funny and wonderful and also, what she loves best is her beautiful kids.

Hot Shots 040

White warba nuggets from Fraserland: a reason to live.  Last night Tess read to me from a book about friendship while I folded my laundry and got to a part where the book said that friendships prove their worth when people do horrible things to each other.  I said, “but we’ve never done anything horrible to each other, so that’s not the ONLY way to prove a friendship’s worth.”  And she said, “well there was that time with the potatoes.”

Tess and I had a beautiful garden and one day I went out to hill the potatoes to find that THERE WEREN’T ANY!!!!  Tess had dug ’em all up for about a pound of nuggets and I was about ready to saw her in half and then throw her in the ocean, but instead I decided that I didn’t want to feel that way about her because I love her so and she was very sorry, so I replanted them.  While I was replanting them Tess said, “I think you are a little bit madder with me than is fair,” and I said, “that’s probably true but I will be mad until I’ve fixed it.”

And then she helped me fix it, and then I wasn’t mad, and we’ve been in love ever since.

But I still stand by what I said to Tess before we talked about the potatoes again.  We’ve never done anything horrible to each other.  And I loved her so much more than I did before when she used digging up a few potato plants as an example of a horrible wrongdoing.  That’s pretty cute.  She’s pretty cute.

Hot Shots 016

Yellow nectarines!  This is the volume fill box.  It’s cheap and heavy and awesome.

Hot Shots 026

Rainier cherries from BC!!!

Hot Shots 001

Mixed Summer Squash from Coke Farm!  It’s like a courgette “flight.”

Hot Shots 075

This is Shawna.  She likes such things as gettin her hair did with all kinds of awesome colours, cooking beautiful things and feeding small armies, working SUPER hard and being tough as all hell.

And the best organic strawberries in the Lower Mainland.  No Big Deal.

Hot Shots 076

And this little weirdo who is holding the most perfect tommy atkins mangoes.  We don’t know why this woman is here, but she won’t leave and she’s always laughing and carrying on and not wearing shoes and crying because things are “beautiful.”

Make a mountain of mangoes!

And last but not least, a photo of a memo that’s in the lunch room at Discovery right now:


This is ONE small reason that we are all so happy working here.  This is what it’s like around here.  A company that will buy you a helmet.  For your life.  What care!  What love!

Happy Father’s Day, Disco.  Thanks for taking care of us and loving us and keeping us safe and happy and healthy.

And Dear Ones, Happy Dad’s Day all of you.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss

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