Discovery Organics | Hot Shots – July 4th, 2016
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Hot Shots – July 4th, 2016

Hot Shots – July 4th, 2016

Dear Ones,

Last week I had the absolute privilege of driving all up and down the east side of Vancouver Island meeting people I’ve talked to on the phone for YEARS.  I was super nervous to meet people I hadn’t really met and super nervous to drive, something I don’t really do a whole lot of.  In fact, Kristy taught me how to drive and was only just this morning telling someone in here about how I almost killed us both.

mixed garlic


We’re both alive and well and I just loved meeting all of you on the front lines keeping in real, keeping it fresh.  In Courtenay, Vivian from Edible Island squeezed me good and told me not to let anyone peer pressure me into driving 130km/hr on the Malahat, “you just go the speed you feel comfortable going, and don’t let anyone make you drive faster than feels safe;” in Fanny Bay, Leah from Weinberg’s made me the yummiest milkiest coffee and told me the best story about watching her house arrive by barge while she and her husband sipped scotch and hoped it truly existed and would truly show up; I got to visit the truly beautiful Naked Naturals Stores, and got a whole up down tour of the best little “progressive department store,” the Community Farm Store in Duncan.  It was a long ass day at the end of which I had driven six hundred kilometers and was so moved by the kind of human beings that work in this industry.  And I hadn’t even gotten to Victoria yet. I started the day out nervous, and I ended it so peaceful because the “task” I was given was to roll down the coast meeting the highest quality human beings.

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much for doing everything that you do.  You’re wild and gorgeous and brave and right.  And we love you, we really, actually, really honestly love you.


Longview Rhubarb!  This is also from Vancouver Island!  A magical place.



This is jicama.  Heather says that it’s like asian pear and potato, together.

jicama a la escobar


And this is how she dresses it up.  That’s chili and lime and salt.  Oh yeah, and jicama.



Fraserland warbas!



Favas from Cali.

red spring onions


This is what our fresh shallots look like!  They have gorgeous greens and are crunchy, fresh and fragrant.

russian garlic


We’ve got fresh garlic in as well, this is from Sweet Earth Farm in Yarrow BC.  It’s of the Russian variety.

mixed garlic


More BC garlic!  This variety is unnamed but for being from Sorrento.  And it’s also gorgeous.

fresh ginger


Fresh young ginger!



These cherries are from Cawston, BC.

sweet celebration


Ursula: What’s awesome about a sweet celebration grape?
Jackie: They’re sweet.  And they’re celebrating.
Ursula: Thanks, Jackie.
Jackie: It’s a party box of grapes.
Ursula: Okay, thanks Jackie.
Jackie: It’s grapes you party with and then when someone asks you how the party was you say, it was “sweet.”
Ursula: Alright, thank you Jackie.

As it turns out these are like those big crunchy globe grapes that have seeds in them but these ones are “seedless” which means, under the radar seeds.  Super yum!



We’ve got our New Zealand galas in and they’re perfect!



Jalapenos from Longview.

bunch carrots


Bunch carrots from 2EEs!

rainbow carrots


And this is our dear darling Heather who I’m sure you’ve talked to on the phone.  She enjoys such things as classic R&B, zumba classes, her wife, Blanca, they’re wild child daughter daughter, and London Drugs.

Honestly, this girl LOVES London Drugs.  Sometimes when she’s sad or has had a bad day here she goes to London Drugs and I said, “what on earth do you do there?”

Kristy: She just walks around looking at everything.  They have some good deals there.
Jackie: Oh come on, Ush.  You can buy a computer and Q-tips at the same time at the same store, that’s amazing.
Heather: I usually get some snacks.
Ursula: silence.

Moral of the story: we love our lil Escobar.  And honestly, her and Blanca’s love makes me wanna fall in love, and the rest of the time I have it sworn off absolutely and completely.  But their love?  I could be in a love like that.  No problem.

green curly

Green curly kale from Ralph’s!




Perfect pineapple from Capa Organics, which is an import project of Joe Siri of Siri and Sons in Oregon.

watermleon radish


Watermelon radishes!  One time my friend B-Boat was mad at me and then I gave her one of these and she got madder ad then I said, cut it in half though, and then she did and then she wasn’t mad at me anymore.

Dear Ones,

We are seriously lovin’ on you and so super thankful for every opportunity to shake your hand.  You’re good people.  And if there’s anything this world is in sore need of, it’s you.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss


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