Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – JAN. 31st, 2016
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HOT SHOTS – JAN. 31st, 2016

HOT SHOTS – JAN. 31st, 2016

Dear Ones,

There is a reason that arts students are not physicists.  I handed in a lab this week in which I cleverly calculated that one of Jupiter’s moons has an orbit of six thousand years.  I presented my findings to the TA who brought his hands to his face.  “SIX THOUSAND YEARS?!?!!” he almost shouted.  “It only takes sixteen days!”  I did some quick math in my head to sort out how long it would take me to figure out the right answer and along the way though my inner equations I discovered: I don’t care how long it takes for one of Jupiter’s moons to get aorund Jupiter, and even though I don’t care, I know now.  Sixteen days.  I handed in my “work” knowing I failed the lab, and I trotted out of the Physics department towards a nice cup of tea.  I commenced chuckling every time I thought of the TA’s exasperation with me and every time I recalled him saying with alarm, “SIX THOUSAND YEARS?!?!?!!?!?” I just couldn’t help it, downright effervescent giggles overflowed from my little heart.  So even though I’ll probably fail every lab if I keep up the “good work” I love my astronomy class.


This is what I wrote to my friend Tory about it: “Dear Tory, Astronomy makes me feel that since humanity is but a cosmic blink, nothing really matters at all.  It’s a devastating and at once liberating perspective. The cosmos is eternal and we are tiny and irrelevant.  So we might as well get our little cabins in the woods, we may as well be so very very kind, we may as well eat good clean food, and we may as well make sure our young girls and women have good lives and take up space and we might as well spend all of our money on shoes because we are balls of pure consciousness hurling though magnificent life towards imminent death, nothing and everything now matters, a great deal.  Love, Ush”And then I wrote, “On that note, is there tahini in that dressing or some other kind of nut butter?”

Always the damn salad dressing.

Because although but a cosmic blink, our time here is really all we know and all we have, so we better keep it real.  With things like these perfect long english cucumbers:



This is the large (45lbs) box of field cukes.  These are a better price point and look at them, they’re perfect!

Field cukes





This is a crappy picture of some gorgeous leeks.  They’re at the back of the veg cooler where good lighting is a bit of an impossibility.  But you can tell anyway that these are those famous leeks from the famous king of leeks: Ralph’s Greenhouse.



Pretty perfect purple broccolini!  Also known as purple raab.



Gosh these are beautiful.  And have you ever seen one in full bloom?  They look like giant purple thistles when they do, but like a purple thistle and a peacock’s idea of himself fell in love and made a flowering vegetable.



Gorgeous Boskovich green curly kale.



Black lacinato from the same!

Lacinato kale


And Dear Ones, this pictured below is affordable organic cauliflower.  I must be honest, when people were upset about and simultaneously willing to pay so much for cauliflower, I was sorta like, “What’s the big deal?”  And then I bought some and I remembered, cauliflower is so yummy!  I’ve been eating udon noodles, gailan and kimchee for dinner every night for the past several weeks.  Now I’m shaking it up.  For the next several weeks it’s sausages and cauliflower, with the cauliflower cooked in the sausage grease.  That is a deep winter meal, if you ask me.  Nothing green.  Nothing fresh.  ONLY TOTALLY YUMMY!!!!!  Oh yeah, and kimchee.  Always the kimchee.



Perfect parsnips!  One time I made perogies with parsnips instead of potatoes and feta instead of cheddar.  This was the result of what is most commonly referred to as “A Good Idea.”  It was a very Good Idea.



And proof of nature’s perfect design, into which you by default also fit, Romanesco.  Honestly, what the?  Romanesco occurs naturally.  I am always, and I started here ten years ago now, completely blown away when I see Romanesco.



Big ole Orlando Tangerines!



Tule meyer lemons.



And this is the best grapefruit that there is on earth.  I’m a grapefruit lover.  I know best.  This is the sh#!



Habaneros!  Don’t touch these and then your……anything.  Don’t touch ANYTHING.  These are a heat source.  These are dead serious.



Dear Ones,

Stay warm, stay dry.  Let’s let the dough rise, let’s practice the patience we have for a moon to become full, let’s amp up the elementary kindness and always always, take a look at all those stars and keep dreaming.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss

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