Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – JAN. 24th, 2016
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HOT SHOTS – JAN. 24th, 2016

HOT SHOTS – JAN. 24th, 2016

Dear Ones,

I had the experience this week of becoming hoppin’ mad with the readings I had for one of my classes, a history class.  I have become distressed often, in school, learning about the horrible ways that human beings have treated each other and the earth, mostly because looking around, old ways of thinking don’t seem to be unravelling fast enough.  I asked a teacher I had last semester how she remains objective, and she said she doesn’t.  But she said that she sometimes takes a break to cuddle her cat, or her kid, and that she tries to remember that the reason we study is so that we interfere with making the mistakes over and over and over again, as a people, as a species on a planet.  She said to focus on proof of change and to throw yourself headlong into commitment to change.



What distressed me was readings not specifically about, but containing evidence of canon laws that described everyone but rich men as non citizens.  Women, all women, have been left out and abused.  With Professor Walshaw’s advice, I cuddled my knees because I don’t have a cat because I don’t like cats.  And I put myself back into a perfectly happy place which was this: When I lived in Nelson I taught a “yoga” class at the youth center for women and girls.  It was in this little crappy dance studio, and I hung white christmas lights around the broken mirror, and saved up enough money to purchase a set of mats.  The class was by donation and the youngest to come was 7, the oldest to come was in her 60s.  I had a playlist of R&B, a list of CAREFULLY selected super empowering songs for my ladies.  One of my favourite moves is a kundalini one where you sit cross legged and as you inhale you raise your arms above your head, and as you exhale you drop your arms to the floor.  Breathing quickly and sharply, we flapped our wings and my instructions were to imagine a white light coming out from inside of you, that fills all the space around you, and gets rid of all the stupid crap we say to ourselves all day long.  The girls and women would be flapping their little hearts out to Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” and I’d be hollering at them to get rid of all the dumb things, things like “I’m not good enough.  I’m not strong enough.  I’m not brave enough.  I’m not smart enough.  Get rid of it,” I’d holler, “Get rid of it!  It’s bullshit!”  They’d look like they were going to kill me and I’d yell, “Keep going!”  I’d remind them to replace those thoughts that are not true with things that are.  I’d holler, “the truth is that you’re brave and you’re strong and you’re kind and you’re generous and you’re smart as all hell and you’re doing your best!”  At the end we held our hearts and we felt our heartbeats and we breathed hard and each and every women in there felt like the truth that she is: like she was a little soldier of goodness, and perfectly entitled to take up space and be as great as she could be.

I hugged my knees and I sat on the floor in my kitchen and with my raging broken heart I started flapping my wings.  I wasn’t with the girls, but when I closed my eyes I felt like I was, I felt like they were all around me, flapping their wings, too.  I want to share this with you because I’m sure you get bummed, too.  And the answer is not always to go out and fight.  Sometimes the thing to do is gather yourself, reach around you for the good things and remind yourself of what you’d fight for anyway.

On that note, here is a picture of our gorgeous zucchini.



Pretty jalapeno peppers!



Big Fat Beefsteaks!



And I put my hand in here to show you how big the 24 ct eggplants are and also to point out how bright green their stems are.



Mexican Papaya!  Stunning!



And this is the Hawaiian turmeric.  Myself, I prefer the Peruvian turmeric, which I grate up and put in scalded milk with a bit of honey.  I prefer the Peruvian turmeric because it’s stronger tasting, but this Hawaiian stuff is sure beautiful.



“Opal apples can’t be compared to an everyday apple. These sunny fruits are like none other — with a beautiful appearance, distinctively crunchy texture, floral aroma and a sweet, tangy flavor. But one of the most incredible and natural features of this apple is that it does not brown after cutting. So an Opal a day will keep your salads — and your kids’ lunchboxes — crisp and fresh.” From, The Internet.



Bagged red fingerling potatoes!



And if you were wondering what ozette means, it means this:



Pretty asparagus that’s snappy and fresh and perfect and really makes me want to eat it with a lot of butter.



Pretty dandies!



And we have mountains of mangoes that are yummy and pretty and cheap!  Also, I had a picture of these that did not have a glimpse of some of those clogs I mentioned last week, those ones I have that I can’t afford, but I chose this picture instead.  Those are clog BOOTS made by Swedish adults.  They are perfect.  So are the mangoes.  I’m sending this picture to National Geographic.



And finally, this is Matthew with a stalk of brussels sprouts.  We don’t have bulk brussels sprouts at the moment, but we do have these and isn’t that a beautiful stalk of veggies and a beautiful human being.



We have to say ciao for now to Matthew this week because he’s moving to Pender island to start a cider making company with his wonderful partner in crime, Katie.  Matthew has been a huge part of the QC team, he’s brought a lot of knowledge and a great sense of humour to this place for the past few years.  We’re sorry to let him go, but also, we’re not surprised that he’s got big plans up his sleeve that he’ll for sure turn into gold.  Something about him that is neat: He has a degree in Russian history.  He takes every opportunity to speak Russian.  There are not a lot of opportunities for him to speak Russian so he rides his bike to some little Russian grocery store quite far away to talk about bread with the elderly owners.  He’s neat like that.  We wish him all good things.

And you too, we wish you all the best good things.

Stay warm.  Stay bright.  Cuddle your knees, your cat, your kids.  And when you get ticked off with a world that seems harsh, reach for the things that keep you soft, the things you’d throw down for if you had to.  Don’t throw down without them.  Because….love.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss

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