Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS, JAN. 17TH, 2016
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HOT SHOTS, JAN. 17TH, 2016

HOT SHOTS, JAN. 17TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

I’m sorry that there were no Hot Shots last week.  It was honestly too busy here for me to write them.  Usually I can make a cup of tea and get dreamy and write them, but darnit if I could do that last weekend.  It was not possible.



I will instead of a random story, here compose a random list of things I’ve learned this week: Jupiter has four moons and I love my astronomy class because the teacher and the text book keep referring to “the heavens;” While I have an embarrassing problem which is that I buy clogs I can’t afford, Jackie does it too but she gets weak at Smoking Lily, I guess we all have our things; the Northwest passage is completely passable all summer long because Global Warming and Canada has cause to consider defending sovereignty of the north but can’t quite imagine approaching the Inuit about it; Having a travel mug makes you less of a jerk; Half of what I look forward to about school is that there are cheap tacos up on the mountain; A good teacher is most of what contributes to anyone being good at anything; The #20 bus is Gross and also Divine, simultaneously; Patrick in the warehouse refers to Sundays as Sandwich Monday Eve because tomorrow is Sandwich Monday when Ben and I will make sandwiches for lunch for most of the people who work here; Jon says I nerd shame him so I’m going to  stop teasing him and accusing him untrue things like having a homemade sword collection for LARPing, but I hope that he knows that it’s only because I love him so, like a little brother; The DREAM TEAM rules; When plural they’re Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese; Everybody misses David Bowie because he made us feel free and legit, however and whoever and whyever we are; Glitter makes everything better, as do Christmas lights; We are alive in interesting times; When you feel scared see if you can’t reach out and hold someone’s hand, because they’re looking for your hand, too.

Also…..vegetables!  And fruits!!

Like artichokes from Agrofresco!



Giant collards from Heger.  You raw foodies who use these like tortillas and are always asking for large leaves, these are the ones you want.  Everyone else, you want the Pureveg ones.



Rainbow chard from Heger is about the length of my torso.  And glorious.  Like one’s torso.  Think about it.  Your torso RULES!  Lots of cool things going on in there, like, life.



When I first started at the age of like, fourteen or something (kidding, 20), Annie and Nancy were always telling me to go walk around the coolers and I honestly had no idea what they were on about.  Until I made the realization that every box out there was full of something ALIVE!!!!  I was supposed to open up the boxes and know what was what!!!  (Please don’t think me dumb, it really only took a couple of days to understand what they meant).  But it was like a miracle, discovering that every box out there while enclosed in waxy cardboard, held something crisp and alive and green and fresh and gorgeous!  I had a memory of that revelation when I was walking about out there this morning when I almost passed this box by, but I saw the little red bits peeking through.  So this is what the box looked like, see the red bits?



And this is what’s inside.  It’s like a box full of Christmas lights that ARE ALREADY PLUGGED IN!!!!



BC garlic is wrapping up but we’ve still got some in stock!  Get your bulb on!



Pretty green curly kale from Pureveg.



Gorgeous cantaloupes from somewhere hotter than here.  Oh yes, form Llano, MUCH hotter than here.



Perfect strawberries!



Spartan bins!  I almost thought I’d find Annie, our fearless leader in here, because she loves Spartans so, but alas, she was at home and not in this giant box in the cooler.  I WASN’T BUMMED THOUGH!!!!!  Coz she’ll be here tomorrow.  We love our Annie, you know.  Coz she’s fearless.  And also our leader.  And damn if we don’t have a fine leader.



Fairtrade Kent Mangoes!  Volume pricing available so call us and let’s chat.  Make a mountain of these in your shop.  We’ll support  you with product and pricing and let’s get the FairTrade message and product out there!



Big Beautiful hoop house tomatoes!



And little pretty single layer hot house tomatoes.



Gorgeous red bunched beets from Agrofresco!  These come in a 12ct and we only got 7 cases in so, get on it.  I bet these will be gone by the time I waltz in tomorrow morning.



Black kale from the same growers!  Perfect.



What did you learn this week?  I wanna know.

Stay warm, stay soft, stay curious.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss

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