Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – FEB. 7TH, 2016
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HOT SHOTS – FEB. 7TH, 2016

HOT SHOTS – FEB. 7TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

Today in the office Jackie and I were talking about our first little while at Discovery Organics, respectively.  Discovery is a very busy little Mom and Pop that is doing a cool thing which is growing like crazy while somehow maintaining amazing grassroots values.  Some of us who have been here awhile can remember ways of doing things that can only be described as “creatively practical,” and the “practical” might be a bit generous.




While we were laughing about how we encountered training—which is really, around here, like being taught to swim by being thrown into a large body of water hoping you will manage—we were noticing, also, how at different times in our lives, Discovery not only hazed us, but also provided something we truly needed in that moment.  Jackie needed the prep department, a group of women who were working on the weekends while exploring various dreams during the week.  Shauna needed to be around people committed to the health of the planet.  Helen needed to be in a position of leadership.  And I can recall, that I needed to belong somewhere, weird as I am.  All of us little good hearted, hard working pilgrims made our way to Discovery, and have learned what it is to give our all, and to simultaenously have so many of our own various and diverse needs also met, quite magically by this very magical little company.  Tomorrow is Family day in British Columbia.  And I’d like to take a moment here to just give thanks from the bottom of my heart to belong to this one.  Because that’s what it is.  Discovery is a family.  Annie will always say that what’s most important to her for people working at Discovery, is that when they have to go make their dreams come true, so be it, and hopefully working at Discovery was a part of supporting that little dreamer.  What?!?!?!!?  Exactly.  She’s a mega mama and what results, is that we all feel held and meanwhile, we give our damn best, which is a lot.

We are always learning and always growing and what we strive for is not very complicated: Environmental Stewardship.  Social Justice.  A Healthy Community, however big, however small.  Peace on Earth.  And that everyone involved in organics gets support to do amazing work in a wold that needs us to do this kind of work.  Thank you Discovery, for keeping it real.  Thank you from all of us who get to work here.  It’s really a blessing.

As are these little sugar plum lumps of love!!!!!!  Beautiful grape cherry tomatoes from Divine.



What the Watermelon!?!?!  Yes, it’s February and we have beautiful watermelons.



Kent mangoes are rolling in and outta here so fast it’s hard to keep track of where they’re all going.  We can definitely work out some perfect pricing for you with one condition: you take a mountain of them.  Whatever “mountain” means to you.  Honestly.  If you usually take one case and a mountain means three, talk to us.  We’ll support you and your mountain.



I know I’ve already sent out pictures of this three weeks in a row, but I can’t not.  It’s just……it’s just stupid amazing.  I can’t get over it.  I can NEVER get over it.



Blueberries that are cheap and oh so yummy!!!!  And each little package has some instructions on it in case anyone was wondering what to do with today: “Taste me, do good.”  The best things are usually super basic.






Black Radish!!!



And for one last not necessarily “beautiful” but definitely BEAUTIFUL root crop, horseradish!!!!



Fingerling potatoes from BC.



Super beautiful baby bok ribs.  I mean choy.  Tee hee.






Gorgeous gold bunch beets from I can’t remember who, but we only have one listing, so if you order them, this is what you’re gonna get.



Rainbow bunch carrots!



If you want a nice sized bulk beet, you want these ones from Agrofresco.



And this was written on the La Colline box, and I think it’s just awesome:



Jon wanted me to help him stretch out his back before work yesterday and his directions were for me to stand just above his head while he lay down on the floor.  He grabbed my ankles and stretched and then said, “are we doing acro yoga?”  And I said, “yes Jon.  This is definitely a sport and a practice that many people must train for a very long time to even imagine being able to do.  What I’m most impressed with is your strength and flexibility, and I hope you noticed my elegance and form.”  He said, “yes.  We’re pretty good at this acro yoga thing, aren’t’ we.”  And I said, “yes, we are the best.  We should teach people.”  And Jon said, “yes.  Let us teach people.”



Dear Ones,

Thanks for supporting our family and all of our work and endeavor which all has everything to do with living in a better world.  It’s a real treat to work with you, and it’s an even bigger treat to work with you because we work here.  It’s really just the best.

Stay Warm.  Stay bright.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss

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