Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – DEC. 6TH, 2015
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HOT SHOTS – DEC. 6TH, 2015

HOT SHOTS – DEC. 6TH, 2015

Dear Ones,

There are a lot of things that I love about working here, but one of my favourite parts of the day is towards the end of the day because at some point while closing, either Nick or James or both will come in and chat with me while I make invoices.  It’s all very quiet around here at the end of the day and as they come in and drop off paperwork we chitter chatter, we check in.  And it’s my favourite part.  Now, these are very amazing human beings and yes, they pull your orders at night.  They are both deeply hilarious and they are both deeply kind although Nick is a harder version of kind, but at the end of the day he’s really very kind.  When I was relearning how to do this job, damn if those two weren’t so freakin’ patient with me and my questions and my slowness.  And when I hurt my hand and was stapling by putting the stapler on the ground and stapling with my foot because I couldn’t use my hand, James would come in and help me with my stapling if he had time.  And Nick would sometimes come in and put the day’s invoices in order for me and because of that and because they are awesome, I feel very tenderly towards both of these fine human beings.  I never once asked them to help me, they just saw that I was struggling and they stepped in and stepped up, because that is the kind of people they are.  They’re good people.



Last week I had a person coming over for dinner who several years ago I had the most ginormous crush on, and because it had been years since we’d seen each other I was a bit nervous and was thinking I might still have a crush, but I didn’t quite know.  So I asked the best boys I knew for tips.  James said, “no dress.  Wear jeans.  Be comfortable.  Don’t be nervous.  If you are nervous, don’t let on that you’re nervous.”  Nick said, “Lots of booze, low lighting, wear very little.”  I said to Nick, “no booze.”  Nick said, “well…” and then he returned to the warehouse.  I asked James if I should rehenna my hair before my minor ‘date.’  I said, “James, it looks absolutely stunning when I first do it, but it smells really quite a lot and kind of weird.  So….do I henna and look amazing, or not henna and smell nice.”  James said, “you’re just fine.  Keep it like it is.  Don’t smell weird.”  I asked Nick if he realized that with his sweet ‘tips’ he effectivley told me that I am laregely unbearable, and he said, “well….”and then he returned to the warehouse.

Dinner was great.  I never let on that I was nervous, nor that I had a crush, I was wearing normal clothing, and quite a lot of it, and I didn’t smell weird.  There are small moments of victory, you know, when you don’t let yourself get the best of you?  That’s what really happened, and I gotta say, I knew in the back of my mind that I didn’t really care if dinner was a hit or not, because what matters most at the end of the day are the people around all de time, and the ones I’m around all de time, are solid gold.

Like these are solid gold!:  california satsumas, get your yuletide citrus on!



Beautiful beans in 15# boxes from Rico.



Meyer lemons that look like they’re made out of actual bits of the sun.



Sunchokes!  We’re a sunchoke company.



Gold turnips!  I threatened/promised to picture these in every edition of Hot Shots for all of eternity but shockingly we sold out!  But they’re back!



Bins of fujis a la orchard run are available and we totally can get you what you need in a super helpful way if you give us a few days heads up that you want them, otherwise it’s hard to guess.  But they’re here and they’re available and they’re dirt cheap and they’re super yummy.



These are the opposite of the orchard run fujis.  They are limited and they are pricey.  But look, they are awfully nice though.



Tommy atkins mangoes and look how colourful this lot is!  They’re absolutely perfect!



We’re moving south in pepper land, though BC peppers are still coming in, we’re also sourcing from further away to cover the demand.  And this is the kind of quality we’re seeing rolling in.  What a beautiful world this is.






Little pretty acorn squash.



Well, it’s warm out there, but it sure is dark and wet.  I hope you’ve got some lights up and have cozified wherever you live.  That’s important right around this time of year, keeping the lights on, the home fires burning, so the little nest from which you embark return to is one that nurtures you and holds you tight.  I’m sure that James and Nick will be utterly stoked to provide tips for all romantic endeavors, so if you’re looking for some great information, the Sales Dream Team can be the go between.  I love dem boys.  We are so lucky to have them, and the rest of our amazing staff.  Stay warm, stay dry.

Big Love,

Ursula Twiss


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