Discovery Organics | Hot Shots – Aug. 1st, 2016
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Hot Shots – Aug. 1st, 2016

Hot Shots – Aug. 1st, 2016

Dear Ones, 

Happy Long Weekend from all of us shackled to our desks at Discovery.  I’m kidding, the shackles are pretty loose.  We hope everyone’s having the most beautiful long weekend!



I’d like to take the opportunity that is BC Day, to acknowledge that we at Discovery Organics conduct our life’s work on unceded Coast Salish Territory.

Stefan and I were trying to sort out how a person celebrates BC Day and our main tool of investigation was The Internet and it sounds like what you do to celebrate BC Day is you do whatever you want as long as it isn’t working.  So I went home.  To celebrate.  I fell asleep with a book on my chest on my loveseat in my sun soaked living room.  And you know what my friend Rob would say to that?  He’d say, Ursula,

You know how to Party.


These star-ship squash ALSO know how to party!  Some of them are a wee bit on the muddy side, but hey, that’s what happens when you’re raised in a field of dirt.  These are from Secrest in Oliver.


Pickling Dill!  This is dill specifically grown to full bloomin’ size specifically for picking.  It’s prettier in the jars when it’s this size, especially the ones that have just begun to a little bit bloom.  Get your pickle on!


Sunrise apples: the yummiest of the early apples.



Nopales cactus pads.  Blanca is teaching me Spanish.  So far I can say left, right, straight and, wow, that’s a lof of figs!  I can ALMOST express myself fully with my new vocabulary.



We’ve got celery from 2EEs and it’s gorgeous and difficult to keep stocked, however, this is a photo of our BC juice grade celery.  It’s cheap and it’s gorgeous and the boxes are packed to bursting.



Chanterelles!  These are from the forest!



Myers romaine.  Perfect as always.



Watercress!  From BC!



And look at these little perfect 20oz boxes of blueberries from Falconglen.  They’re like take out containers!



The black amber plum.






And the perfect, semi blushy goldrich apricot!  It’s is time for an apricot sale, folks.  Please run a special on apricots and we will support you!  What a good idea you just had!  You are so full of good ideas!



We have The Plantain.  I’m not sure what you do with plantain, but at The Reef they make chips and they let you dip them in mayonnaise, but they call it “aioli” because it’s a restaurant.  For adults.



I think I called these spring onions last edition of Hot Shots, but they’re actually fresh walla wallas.  BC!!!



This is eggplant from Sundance farm in Cawston.  One time I helped Debbie from Sundance Farm in Cawston pick eggplant and when I was done doing that with her I thought that eggplant should be $300/lb.  Pretty much every human being is allergic to picking eggplant.  Not eggplant, but picking it.  You should try it.  You’ll see.

Dear Ones,

Let us take this moment to close our eyes for a moment, feel the ground we’re on, and thank this beautiful province and its people and soils for sustaining us and for the incredible bounty.  We are so lucky.

Yesterday I saw Justin Trudeau and his whole family in the Pride Parade, and I meant to yell and clap and hoot and holler, but I held my chest and I cried.  I was so moved.

I think we are alive in interesting, beautiful times.  And I’m all for an era of acceptance.  It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it been?

Happy BC Day, Happy Pride, Happy Monday, Happy you.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss


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