Discovery Organics | Hot Shots – Aug. 14th, 2016
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Hot Shots – Aug. 14th, 2016

Hot Shots – Aug. 14th, 2016

Dear Ones, 

This week I went to Brunswick with Kristy and Kiki and those two are little water babies I tell you.  I’ve never gone to the beach with Kristy before, but Kiki is downright ferile and when I go anywhere outdoors with her all I have to do is turn my back for one moment and she’s gone and she’s so far away she can’t even hear me.



I don’t know if you’v ever gone to Brunswick Beach, but it’s a bit of a tucked in little baby bay, and there are otters there, and on Wednesday we even saw a little baby seal come all the way up to the beach, and when Kristy and I were standing face to face in the water, several fishes swam between us and our legs.  Kristy and Kiki are this type of swimmer: they take FOREVER to get all the way in, and then they swim all the way to Vancouver Island and back while you shiver on the beach and the sun goes down and you wonder if it’s wise to try walking home.

I’m more of a cannonball in, splash about and get back out type of human, myself.  And I admitted to my little mermaid friends Kristy and Kiki on Wednesday that I’ve only known how to swim for a few years now.  One time I had a romance with a person from San Diego and he was a little beach bum and we went to the beach and I was VERY aware that I was not a strong swimmer, but I felt embarrassed to say so, so when he cannon balled into the ocean, I looked around at the other people on the beach and thought, “if these idiots can swim, so can I” and I decided I’d probably figure it out, so I cannon-balled in right behind him, but while he swam back to the beach with even gracious strokes, I surfaced for a moment before I commenced drowning.

There are many things you can fake.  Swimming is not one of them.

The person I now refer to as San Diego saved me and I had inhaled quite a lot of ocean water and he said, “what happened?” and I was so glad to be in his loving arms, and I said, “Oh I’m not sure,” and I fluttered my I-almost-died-just-a-minute-ago eyes of love at him before hacking up another lungful of ocean water.

In that moment I decided to learn to swim.  San Diego went back to San Diego and I rode my bike to Third Beach every day after work and I taught myself how to swim.  One time Tessa came to give me a lesson but all she taught me was how to do an underwater handstand and that there were cheeseburgers at what I had thought was JUST a Popsicle stand.  I really learned how to swim all by myself.

I will never swim like Kiki and Kristy do.  They swim like they are made of ocean.  They swim like their mothers are otters.  They are so beautiful and I just watch from the beach, but I CAN swim now, and I do, and I think my happiest place in all the world is floating on my back in the Pacific Ocean as the sun goes down.  Hands down, best place on earth.  Especially when I know that my sisters are out there paddling around like the beautiful sea turtles they are and that they’ll come save me if I drown.



These are from a little further INLAND, dragon’s tongue beans from Secrest in Oliver.


Bagged nectarines from Washington!


Do you have a recipe for zucchini that actually uses a lot of zucchini?  Tell me.


German Butter Nuggets from Across the Creek in Pemberton!  So beautiful and so yummy!


You know what is back breaking labour?  Picking field tomatoes.  It actually sucks SOOOO much.  These are from BC.  We are so lucky someone picked them for us.  Seriously.  The majority of humans I tell you, if they had to pick their own tomatoes, wouldn’t eat ’em.  Every time I see a field tomato I am filled with love and gratitude.


Early gold apples!  We’ve got new varieties of BC apples coming on and probably arriving this Wednesday? But until then, we’ve got earlygolds!


Beautiful blushing apricots.


Red Heart plums!


Gold shiro plums!



Gorgeous volume fill nectarines from Cawston!



The unfortunately named Red Clapp pear.  It’s like a red bartlett.  With a terrible name.  That’s all.


Gorgeous mini Japanese eggplants!  These are so nice!  And cute!  I love them!



Purple potatoes from 2EEs farm.



The Rebel Peaches have been an absolute HIT!!!!  This is one order of 60 of them for a CSA in Glen Valley, run by Glen Valley Organic Farm.  This little 5lb pack out really works for them and I honestly can’t see this packout not working out for just about everyone.  Give a few boxes a whirl.  It’s going rather well for everyone who’s tried it.  That’s the word on the street.



And this is our Dear Jon with another Rebel product: the Rebel bagged avocadoes!  The sun in bright so it’s hard to see the label he’s holding up but it says Rebel Foods.  This whole Rebel food line is an absolute hit and it’s because you’re awesome people and these are awesome products and “ugly” food has been making the news as it makes the market.

This is Jon.  Jon has tattooes, a cheek piercing, bleach blond hair and a heart of gold.  Jon is a Rebel.  Be like Jon.



A close up of our Rebel FairTrade Avocadoes.



This is Ursula.  Ursula likes to express solidarity by way of the t-shirt, has pink glasses and loves FairTrade grapefruit.  Ursula is a rebel.  Be like Ursula.



And this, fine produce people, is a close up of the bin of grapefruit we pack our Rebel FairTrade Grapefruit out of.

Those are the Rebels this week!  We’ve got spuds and onions and many more items in the works and soon to be on the go.  This is the future and Disco’s got it going on.  Ask us about it.  We’re trying to save the world.

Dear Ones, stay wild, stay free and afloat.  Or not.  Underwater is pretty cool, too.  xo

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss

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