Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS, APR. 24TH, 2016
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HOT SHOTS, APR. 24TH, 2016

HOT SHOTS, APR. 24TH, 2016

Dear ones,

How is our use of MailChimp working for you?  This is the first time I’ve done Hot Shots in this way, and honestly, I’m loving it.  It’s so pretty!  I get to choose colours!



This week I finished school for the semester and as a special treat (because I go to school full-time and I work here close to full-time), I got myself a speaker that goes in my backpack and allows me to listen to D’Angelo everywhere I go, very loud and without ceasing, and you know what?  I’t just the best.  You want to feel like you’re IN a music video?  Do like me.  And then on Saturday, when I was showing Jon my new victory speaker, he made the discovery that I didn’t know what Bluetooth was/is and while I was looking at him with pride and curiosity in my bright innocent eyes, he was bent in half and he couldn’t breathe he was laughing so hard.  “Is that why you have this ten foot cord between your speaker and your phone?” he managed to say.  I am still so proud of myself that I even have acell phone, nevermind all this other business, I really could barely understand what he was laughing about.  Until he did this thing where he made it so that my speaker and my phone are connected THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE WITH AN INVISIBLE BLUE TOOTH!!!  My life is complete.  Jon helped me.  He’s still laughing at me and as often as I accuse him of loving LARPING, he asks me if I’ve ever heard of The Internet.  WE’ve made a deal, I will allow him to teach me to play video games if he allow me to teach him to knit.  I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, if you ever had the dream of riding your bicycle listening to D’Angelo really loud but not privately, you are allowed to ride your bike near me.  I’ll make your dreams come true.



These cantaloupes will make your dreams come true!



Mini sweet bell peppers from Divine Flavour.




Beautiful Mexican Papaya wrapped in the Mexican news!



This is our Jon and he is in love with this bag of carrots from Alberta.  He is also from Alberta.  Maybe they’re in love because they have so much on common.

The other day the four year old from upstairs “helped” me plant a bunch of things and while we were elbow deep in dirt she asked me to guess what her favourite things were.  At one point she told me that she loved purple.

Sequin: I love purple so much that I’m IN LOVE with it.
Ursula: What does that mean?
Sequin: That I love it so much.
Ursula: But what does it mean that you’re IN LOVE with it?
Sequin: It means that I love it so much that probably I will still love it even when I’m really old like as old as you are.
Ursula: That’s really a lot.
Sequin: Yeah.  That means I’m IN LOVE with it.
Ursula: Good call.






Heirloom tomatoes grown in the Fraser Valley!


BC red bell peppers!

orange peppers


Orange ones!




Mexican TOVs.  We want to be hustling through these as BC tomatoes are on the horizon.  If you can move ’em and a lot of ’em please help us out and we’ll help you out with pricing.  These are so totally beautiful, and if they’re cheap too, well, what more can you ask for?



These are bulk strawberry cherry tomatoes from Origin-O!  They are an heirloom mini roma tomato and they’re just perfect and oh so tasty!



Beans!  Pretty, pretty beans.



And this is Danielle, and she is showing you the little mini watermelons that we have.  She is one of those people who is beautiful inside outside and upside down.  Something neat about Danielle?  Her nickname is Danigan, she is an excellent maker of all food things, and she sings like a bird.  She also is very funny and also she is my friend that I love.

Dear Ones, please let us know how this whole MailChimp thing feels and looks and works on your end of things.  We want to know what is and is not working.  Also, three cheers for The Internet and people who help you with things, and little girls who teach you everything there is to know about Love.

Stay warm, stay bright.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss

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