Discovery Organics | Enclosure Program
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Enclosure Program

beauty9Do you know about our co-shipping program?

For a $15 admin fee and the cost of freight, you can co-ship orders from other BC suppliers along with your Discovery order.

By partnering with other local, independently owned, and Fair Trade companies, we are able to help our customers consolidate and lower freight costs, while supporting other businesses that we believe in.

+View our growing list of enclosure partners+

How to Use the Program

  • Ensure you have set up an account with both Discovery and the enclosure partner.
  • Place your order with the enclosure partner, and inform them that you would like the order sent to Discovery Organics. Ensure your enclosure arrives at Discovery at least one day before your Discovery ship date.
  • When you place your Discovery order, alert your sales person that an enclosure is coming. Tell them the company name, and the weight of your enclosure. A $15.00 admin fee plus the cost of freight will be added to your invoice.
  • When co-shipping an order with Horizon Distributors, please ensure that you ship from the dock that has the largest order
  • Please note that the Horizon co-shipping program is only available to retailers. Buying clubs are still able to ship Horizon enclosures with Discovery, but the enclosure will be subject to freight costs