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Produce Update-May 27 2015

Stefan: Even though we have an early start to local production with various farms we still cannot keep up with the demand. It looks like timing on your buys will be most important for now as it seems that as soon as we get product in… it goes right back out the door. Thanks for the support! Origino will be transitioning on Long English cukes this week so don’t promo these for the next couple weeks. TOVs though are a different story.READ MORE

Produce Update-May 22 2015

Here’s your Friday update:  Blazing heat for this time of year continues to hasten all crops across BC and Washington.  Weird weather patterns have brought record-breaking temperatures to all BC growing areas, with highs up to 10C above average.  Many growers are moving up their projected start dates, and the most major ones are Washington cherries (2 weeks ahead), BC Cherries (10 days ahead) and BC Blueberries (2-3 weeks ahead – potentially mid-June).  This of course means those seasons will end sooner than normal.READ MORE

Produce Update-May 20 2015

Randy: Several news items this week that warm the soul and prove that change is happening.

The USDA, in a move that is totally unexpected, has developed a government certification and labelling program for food products that are GMO free. Apparently, at the request of a “major” food provider in the US, the program will be voluntary, and companies will have to pay for audits.


Produce Update-May 15 2015

It’s nearly a good news week!  Apples – lots to choose from, with Washington still strong on many varieties, and Argentina, Chile and New Zealand adding into the mix.  Avocados – good supply with wheels under another shipment. Most listings are in US lugs, not in the Europack we are used to – size conversions are on the price list.  Berry supply continues to improve, although the weather in Watsonville continues to be below normal, with no daytime highs in the 20’s last week or predicted for next week.READ MORE

Produce Update-May 13 2015

Stefan: Melons, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Eggplant, Beans, Peppers… We have solid supply and great quality. With California coming on now prices are great for promotions. Look for the transition north with great deals from Mexico and a little stronger on the new crop coming from California. Divine Flavor table grapes are in house now and looking great. This is going to be a great program from Divine as they now have 13 different varieties coming on that they have been testing in their fields for a few years now.READ MORE

Produce Update-May 8 2015

If it isn’t one thing or another!  Our goal (and dream) is to finish a perfect week where everything has fallen into place – no truck delays in Rogers Pass or Oregon, no weather calamities, no shorts on bananas or avocados, but something always rears its ugly head and zaps the dream.  So what happened this week to burst the bubble?  Well, it’s Fairtrade month.  Our avocado growers arrive today for a 5 day whirlwind visit.  What perfect timing for a whole truckload of avocados arriving mid-week to get frozen in transport!READ MORE

Produce Update-May 6 2015

Stefan: The sunny days and warm temperatures here in the Vancouver area have given Two EEs Farm the ability to harvest lettuce this week. We should see their romaine, green leaf and red leaf in stock by Friday and ready to ship Saturday. California stone fruit is being harvested this week and by mid next week we should be seeing some good volume on nectarines and peaches. Sizing will be smaller for the first harvests and then get bigger as we move towards the BC crop.READ MORE

Produce Update-May 1 2015

Happy May!  We’re just back from Mexico visiting Pragor, Agrofresco and some potential new growers, and apparently we left just in time.  We saw much more military presence than usual, with convoys of troops on the highways, and lines of armed vehicles ready for action.  Within hours of us leaving on Thursday morning 30 roadblocks were set up, and today we’re seeing news stories featuring pictures of burning tractor trailers and buses on highways all over areas we were driving on Tuesday and Wednesday.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 29 2015

Stefan: The cooler weather here in BC has slowed down some of the greens production from Two EEs and Olera but we should be seeing some local asparagus (Mobetta Farm) and mixed salad greens shipped from Cawston this week. The Harkers are doing a couple types of salad mix clams this year in their fields to start off their harvest season. Origino is still strong on volume with Long English cucumbers and TOVs.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 24 2015

We used to have a Fair Trade Day across Canada, which has slowly stretched to an entire month of Fairtrade promotions across the country, kicking off next Friday. Polling around the world has shown that consumers, more and more, are supporting Fairtrade products because of the worker rights protections that are one of the pillars of the movement. Recent protests, marches and blockades across Baja over the past 2 months have brought the endemic problems relating to wages and working conditions of field workers to the forefront, a wake-up call reported in major dailies across the US and Canada.READ MORE