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One of the largest high pressure ridges meteorologists have ever seen – a huge dome extending from northern Mexico across the entire continental US and in a curve from Vancouver to Toronto north through the Prairies – is just arriving.  Temperatures are forecast to hit record values or potentially exceed them across all areas of California, but the vast scale of this hot air will affect all growers in all growing areas and speed up growth on many crops while demanding a surge of irrigation water. Citrus growing areas in the desert and the southern Central valley between Fresno and Bakersfield are expected to range from 42 to 46C.  There hasn’t been much conversation recently about the California drought because good spring rains raised all the reservoirs to at least 80% of capacity, but the Sierra Snowpack is lower than normal, and what none of these reports cover is the amount of recharge over the winter and spring to the huge aquifers that supply most of the irrigation water.  Maybe the notice on the field portable in this picture that Brody took while on a farm tour last week in California says it all – nothing has changed, and if is not getting better.





Yes, your eyes don’t deceive.  BC Brussels Sprouts!

We’ll start off talking about Mangos.  This new load we just got in are stunning – and being fruit harvested later in the season it is higher in colour and higher in sugar.   This year was tough for our Peruvian growers because of El Nino, and the reason why is different than you might expect.  When winters are warmer (and their winter was 6 months ago and very warm), a lot more flowers bloom and stay in bloom longer – those are flowering plants that dot the countryside, on the ground.  Mango trees in that area are huge – 20M high, and with so many flowers on the ground, bees don’t bother going all the way up to the mango flowers at the top of the trees (and mangos are less appealing as a pollen source as well).  Bottom line is there is less fruit, especially higher up in the trees.  But with the extra moisture from El Nino over the last six months (their spring and summer), there is more water for developing mangos.  More water and less fruit = bigger sizing, which means that we have once again ended up with a large percentage of this shipment that arrived mid-week in the 7 and 8 count range.  They had lots of bigger fruit than that, but the demand for the biggest fruit is very high, and fetches a much higher price in Japan, so the 5’s and 6’s have gone overseas for a bigger buck for the growers.  You will see a substantial price correction today on the larger counts.




Produce Update: June 24th 2015

This is our last price list header that will be part of our price list.  Several of you have asked that we take all this hopefully fascinating information and publish it as a separate document.  Well, we will go one step further.  Starting Friday you will get a separate market report, (same deal on Wednesdays) as a word document, plus an info-article on Fridays that we hope will become a library of important information. Getting the word out is hard, and only buyers see the list, often the rest of the staff don’t get to read it.  Well, when we want to spread the news here at Discovery, we print it and post it about 4 feet off the floor in the bathroom – where everyone sees it.READ MORE

Produce update: June 19th 2015

We are getting close to the end of Washington apples and the selection will shrink to the scarce range produced in NZ and S. America.  Growers there tend to stay with apples with the longest possible storage ability, and those are mostly the five highest pressure, snappiest ones:  granny, Cripps pink, Fuji, red delicious and Braeburn, and the highest pressure varieties of gala.  We always aim for the royal or Tenroy varieties of gala, the top apple in NZ.   A surprisingly early start to BC stone fruit season with cherries and now cots available – we can hardly keep these in stock with fairly limited early harvests – same story with local berries with early harvests on the earliest variety.


Produce updates: June 17th 2015

So Harper has finally figured out that there is climate change and says we’re going to quit burning carbon fuel by 2100. Well, Stephen, it’s here and happening big time and glad you finally got on board.  Vancouver has received 7 mm of rain in the last 6 weeks, instead of 130mm like average, and boy what a change it has made to local farming!  After decades of learning tricks to speed up growth, now people are asking how to slow things down – BC blues and raspberries are in house – another record!


Produce update: June 12th 2015

Let’s take a run through today’s list.  Our next container of NZ apples is unloaded with a full size range of Fuji and Braeburn.   Avocado – no problem – quality continues to be excellent.  avocado prices will now start slumping as Mexico sets up to finish harvesting the current crop with new crop just a few weeks away– that coupled with massive supply now entering the global market from neighbouring Jalisco state.

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Produce Update: June 5 2015

Wow!  It’s summertime coast to coast with heat warnings out for most of southern BC and balmy temperatures for most of Western Canada.  New long range predictions from 6 government agencies in the US and Canada are calling for the hottest driest summer ever for all of the West Coast, from Baja to Alaska and east to the RockiesREAD MORE

Produce Update: June 3 2015

Stefan: Well the “local” season jumped in with a bang this week with Washington cherries and apricots arriving today. Myers Farm in Aldergrove gave us a small sampling of radishes last week which was great and then yesterday Marlene called and said we are ready to roll. They are looking at solid supply on lettuces, kale (black and green), mustards, cilantro and baby bok choy.READ MORE

Produce Update-May 29 2015

Fair Trade Month was a flying success – thank you all for all the special promotions you did and supporting producers and suppliers who are looking after their employees, their social and environmental sustainability, and certifying with 3rd party auditors to prove their commitment.

Consumers world-wide continue to give traction to this multi-decade movement, with continued growing sales.READ MORE