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Field Reports


It had been two years since the last visit to the banana and mango coops we partner with, 2 years! time flies.

It felt good to be back to Lima and to the region of Piura in Northen Peru where bananas and mangos grow. In Ecuador, we visited ASOGUABO for the first time since we starting working with them, almost a year ago. Familiar faces but also new ones, good people, lots of smiles and the pleasure to shake the hands of coop members who work very hard to send us high quality products!

APROMALPI mangos, Chulucanas, Piura, Peru

During our last visit at APROMALPI, they were gearing up for what is announced as a very good year for Peruvian mangos! The winter temperatures have been cool enough for the trees to bloom appropriately which will lead to much better yields than last year where winter temperatures were too mild.




Central Mexico – April 2015

Another 5 days marathon meeting new growers and visiting the ones we already work with. As per usual, Rafael set up visits to meet with new growers and took us to regions that remain inaccessible to many in the industry.

We landed in Guadalajara, in between 2 flights from Chicago (one of the major Mexican community in the US) and left right on time before the entire state of Jalisco was set on fire. We saw much more military presence than usual, with convoys of troops on the highways, and lines of armed vehicles ready for action.  Within hours of us leaving on Thursday morning 40 roadblocks were set up, and the news have been featuring pictures of burning tractor trailers and buses on highways all over areas we were driving on Tuesday and Wednesday.   Near where Rafael runs our Mexican office we stopped for gas where troops were massing, and we were the only customers in the convenience store not carrying an automatic weapon.   That’s what happens when you arrest a high ranking member of a cartel.

Despite the turmoil, Central Mexico has an incredibly fertile soil and holds a tremendous potential for various projects. Below is an update of different projects that are underway or might soon be.





Peru & Ecuador May 2014

Here is an update on the trip we took to Peru in May.

There were four of us (Randy, Mark, Iain and Julie)

 La Grama’s avocado growers

La Grama

Rodrigo Bedoya is one of the 3 founders of La Grama, and was kind enough to pick us up at our hotel in Lima at 6am Monday morning and drive us all the way to Moro to introduce us to some of the avocado growers he works with.  It was a good 5 hour drive north, along the coast that gave us a chance to see some of Peru’s typical landscapes. We went through desert, desert, rice fields, desert, asparagus and cane sugar fields; and some more desert.  At the end of a winding road in an arid valley where nothing but cactus grows Domingo Guzman’s and Jonan’s chakras (small farm) represent a pretty amazing avocado oasis.


Peru & Ecuador November 2014

Third Andean Summit for Fair Trade – Machala, Ecuador

Last November, Discovery Organics was invited to take part in the 3rd Andean summit for Fair Trade.

More than 250 producers travelled to Machala, the banana capital of the world last November 20th, 21rst. All committed coops in Peru, Bolivia, Columbia and Ecuador had a delegation to take part in this annual summit.READ MORE

Northern Mexico October 2014


Sonora, Mexico’s second largest state after Chihuahua, is located in the North Pacific region of the country.  The Sea of Cortés, or the Gulf de California, is located to the east. The US state of Arizona lies to the north. Sonora has seventy-two municipalities. The capital is Hermosillo, a few hours’ drive south of Tucson, AZ. It is an industrialized and Americanized part of Mexico, Tucson, AZ is only a few hours’ drive.READ MORE