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PRAGOR is a Production Rural Society Company of avocado producers located in the state of Michoacán, in Central Mexico. PRAGOR – PROVEEDORES AGRICOLAS ORGANICOS S.P.R DE R.L – was formed in 2005 to market the Hass Avocado and seek Organic and Fairtrade certification. Their goal was achieved in 2006.

“We became committed to Fair Trade because we believe it is lifesaving. It assures a fair price and that makes the producer feel safe” – Pragor coop members

After internal restructuring in 2010, every 8 coop members produce 100% organic and Fairtrade certified fruits. Their avocado orchard can vary from 2 hectares to 15 hectares. During spring 2018, the coop governance went through a challenging time. Some coop members decided to leave the coop and move towards a different business model. The numbers of coop growers went from 25 to 8. We are relieved and grateful that PRAGOR keeps operating and that we can still rely on their avocados and grapefruit.

Fairtrade premium use
In addition to a stable minimum price – covering sustainable costs of production – a Fairtrade premium of 12 cents per kilo is paid.

The total premium amount earned last year (September 2013 to April 2014) was dedicated to different projects, for their members and for their community. After voting on which project to implement with the Fairtrade premium amount, PRAGOR members decided to invest in the following projects:

Social development
Donation to the P’urhepecha cultural centre to buy instruments and finance music classes for teenage boys of the Ichan, Cheranazticurin and Cocucho indigenous communities. Learning a new skill and staying away from the violent context of the area are the main goals. The boys formed a band and we had the privilege to see the band playing when we visited PRAGOR last August. From 7 to 17, their pride and enthusiasm is contagious. We are happy to contribute to such a project. 

Donation to a retirement home of Samaritano Asilo de Ancianos, A.C. in Los Reyes – Michoacán. The donation aimed at upgrading medical equipment and offering better medical care to their 25 residents.

Technical training for coop members
Training to comply with the Fairtrade standards, maintenance of Organic certification, training to comply with the new Mexican law for Organic Agriculture and new standards for best agricultural practices, implementation of a risk management strategy.

Equipment upgrade
Acquisition of a new truck to serve coop members’ needs.

The amount paid by Discovery Organics accounts for a little over 15,000 USD, 35% of the total amount for North America.

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Avocados, grapefruits, key limes

Grapefruits: PRAGOR has been partnering with Las Palomas coop for 2 years now. As a result, PRAGOR can offer grapefruits and limes to their customers and Las Palomas can benefit from PRAGOR’s export capacity. Las Palomas offers 3 varieties of grapefruits – Ruby Red, Rio Red and Star Ruby as well as limes.


Michoacán, Central Mexico


ICEA Organic
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