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Oasis Date Gardens

Established in 1912 by Ben and Lucy Laffin. Handed down to Ben Jr. and his wife, Pat, both graduates of the University of California at Berkeley. Ben Jr., with a Masters in Plant Pathology, had become renowned as one of a select few of the world’s most knowledgeable palm plant pathologists and consultants on date palms from California to the Middle East and Africa. Pat Laffin had taken Oasis Date Gardens from a domestic farming operation to a world wide marketer of premium quality dates. Ben and Pat have since retired. Oasis Date Gardens was acquired in 1997, by Chris and Marlene Nielsen, and Jim and Judy Freimuth who have been specializing in the growing of Organically Certified Medjool Dates for the last 15 years under the Winterhaven Ranch label.

Today, Oasis Date Gardens is a 175-acre producing date ranch, home of the superb Medjool Date and many other interesting and delicious date varieties. Oasis, along with it’s sister company Winterhaven Ranch produce about 1,300,000 lbs. of Medjool Dates and about 100,000 lbs of other varieties.

Oasis Date Gardens sells wholesale throughout the U.S. as well as to world wide markets including Canada, Europe, England, Australia and multiple countries in the Far East.

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