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José Luis – Las Palomas/PRAGOR

On their 10 Hectares property, Jose Luis and his brother grow primarily citrus. Grapefruits are mostly for the export market and limes and oranges for the national market.

Jose Luis is also the secretary of Las Palomas packing line. He became a member of Pragor 2 years ago.

Fairtrade premium use:
The amount collected last year was not significant enough to implement one of their projects. On our side, it only represented a small 2000 USD. They are hoping sales will be good this year so that they can cumulate both years’ premium earnings.


For more information about PRAGOR:


Las Palomas offers 3 varieties of grapefruits – Ruby Red, Rio Red and Star Ruby, as well as limes. The Ruby Red season is generally from August to November, the Rio Red from November to February and Star Ruby from February to April. Those three varieties of grapefruit have red flesh and distinguishing one form the other can be tricky.




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