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Klamath Basin Fresh

Klamath Basin Fresh Organics, LLC (KBFO) is a neighborly cooperative of family farms. KBFO is comprised of 17 Klamath Basin shareholders, all of whom recognize the importance of sustainability and have made a commitment to dedicating a portion of their production to growing premium organic potatoes. The majority of these family-based farms and ag-related businesses date back three and four generations in the community. Climatic and geologic features in the Klamath Basin create a perfect environment for the production of high-quality organic produce. Situated at 4100 feet above sea level, the region is largely devoid of pest and disease pressures that routinely plague most other production regions. Fertile volcanic and lake bottom soils coupled with nutrient-rich water from Upper Klamath Lake are the foundation of our cropping system program. To ensure the continued productivity of these resources, KBFO utilizes the most advanced sustainable farming methods available that include organic crop rotation, using locally produced compost, and harvesting crops early to reduce irrigation demand

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Oregon, USA



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