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Farmhouse Lifestyle

FarmHouse Lifestyle was established in 1998 as a family owned and operated organic & sustainable farm business. The farm consists of 10 acres of land in the Fraser River Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The land is producing 7 acres of organic blueberries (variety: Reka) and 3 acres of horticulture, vegetables, herbs, and other fruit. All of our farm is managed without chemical fertilizers or sprays. The green waste generated by the horticulture component of the gardens is composted and added to the blueberry field. This pattern of organic energy creates a polyculture that becomes a synergistic symphony. Our mission statement is “to promote & preserve the elegant simplicity of a farming lifestyle”. To us this means being caretakers of the land that we live and work from, to create an environment & habitat suitable for wild life, as well as our own lives. The farm has become our playground, our zoo, our park, our entertainment. It is our friend and teacher. It gives us space to dream and a connection with the natural world. It nourishes us physically and spiritually, and we welcome you to take part in this experience.

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Pitt Meadows, BC




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