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Destiny Lane

When asked how he started farming, Destin has a pretty unusual response. “Well, I was playing piano in a bar in Belize when I met this guy…” Destin ended up operating a rice plantation for 3 years in Belize before a yearning to return to Canada and explore the fertile Similkameen Valley  drew him back. Although he had no serious plan when he began in 1990, he now favours a handful of crops. Red onions are one of his specialties, as are carrots. Destin and Holly are working with their horses to train them as a team to help with cultivating. Destin feels that working with horses and integrating them in the farm is a natural fit for organic growing. While many growers plant cover crops like rye or alfalfa to bind the soil over-winter or as part of a crop rotation, Destin looks to cereal grains that are also good feed crops for his horses and uses quinoa, kamut, wheat, oats and barley for his crop rotations instead. Sahara, Spring and Jango range freely in natural grasses that grow in “set-asides” bordering the fields as well, and although originally concerned about the impact on wildlife, Destin notes that the long billed curlews and other birds share these areas with the horses with little concern.


Beets & Carrots


Destiny Lane, BC




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